All Hail Skincare: Vaseline Skin Products

All Hail Skincare: Vaseline Skin Products

Skincare. What is skincare without a little assistance?

For years I have suffered from dry skin, especially on my legs. When I was a kid, I use to suffer from eczema, a skin condition that can often result in a burning itch that often appears when the skin is sweaty.

From what I’ve experienced, the more you scratch, the more it spreads. Also, the rash normally appears on the arms or the arm joints. My eczema appears on my legs and when it gets itchy, it’s almost impossible to stop scratching.

Anyway, we’ll talk about how to control eczema in the other post. Today’s post is about the Vaseline product range and the products I’ve been using.

Vaseline BlueSeal

Known better as petroleum jelly, BlueSeal assists in keeping your skin moist. It can be used for healing cuts. It can even be used on the sensitive skin of babies. While there are basically hundreds of uses for it, you should always have a tub of it in your bathroom cupboard, in case you need it for any reason.

As a pet owner, one of my dogs is elderly and suffers from a dry nose. The vet mentioned using Vaseline or Paw Paw ointment to add moisture to her nose. However, the other dog loves to lick it off the older one’s nose. It’s not toxic to animals so it’s perfectly safe to use on them.

Vaseline Intensive Care Health Hands, Stronger Nails

I have never had great looking nails. My mother and grandmother introduced me to Vaseline hand cream, which can also be worked into the nails. I’ve used other creams, but this one works the best as it assists the health and growth of the nails. I’m known to pick at my nails (no, not bite!). Biting is disgusting! Anyway, using this cream helps the nails to become strong and tough. Also, it assists makes the nails grow faster.

When you go to buy hand cream, be sure to buy the PINK cream tube. Not the yellow one. I bough the yellow one once, but I did it on purpose because the supermarket, I was at, didn’t have the pink one.

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser

The final Vaseline product I use is spray moisturiser. If you look at the feature image at the top of the article, I have featured a yellow can of spray-on moisturisrer. I normally use the green can of spray because it has Aloe Vera. There’s also a white can, which I cannot remember what it does.

The spray is convenient and doesn’t cause any mess. It’s perfect for when you’re going away and need to spray-on moisturiser at the last second.

If you don’t like the spray can, there’s always the old fashioned bottle. Word of warning, don’t apply the cream from the bottle too thickly, because it becomes greasy.

The spray applies the cream evenly and all you have to do is wipe the cream across your skin.


As you can probably already tell, I love these products. However, I do have a confession to make. I forget to use the moisturiser because it seems cold on my skin. However, I am glad I have these products and I will now, use these products everyday like I am supposed to.

Exploring The Inner Circle Of A Stationary Collector: These Are A Few Of my Favourite Typo Products

Exploring The Inner Circle Of A Stationary Collector: These Are A Few Of my Favourite Typo Products

So, the new year is upon us and I decided to take a bit longer to get back into blogging this year. That’s not what this article is about, though. Stationary has always had a special place in my heart. My stationary obsession started when I was in primary school, but that’s beside the point. The last few days I have bought items from the stationary store, Typo so I thought I would put together a list of my favourite Typo products.

Buffalo Journal

I carry around with me a pale pink and white patterned buffalo journal for just random notes. While pink isn’t my colour, I love the journal because it fits into my bag and I can take it anywhere with me. I love jotting down notes like keeping track of the pitches I send in to submission websites and whatnot. Unlike my Kikki-K Planner, I don’t have a special pen for it. I just use whatever pen I have at my disposal.

Coffee Mug

When Typo Narellan opened, I was excited because it meant I wouldn’t need to the closest town’s Typo. This was also the day I bought my favorite mug. It has the same pattern as my buffalo journal, but it’s gold instead of white and the background of the mug is white. I love it as it reminds me of those bohemian hand tattoos that Lovisa use to sell.

Laptop Bag

My beloved MacBook Pro rarely leaves my desk, but when it does, it goes out in style. I have this amazing laptop bag that I cannot live without. It’s lightweight and it’s not bulky like my backpack and I don’t need to carry it up stairs like I did back in my days at film school (yes, I’m looking at you broken down lifts!)

Disney Pen

Having grown up with Disney, I got excited when Typo announced it’s Disney collection last year. I couldn’t resist and bought a Mickey Mouse pen to add to my stationary hoard. I didn’t have anything to use it with until I started using my Kikki-K planner. I love it because of the sparkles and the Mickey hand. However, the only thing that annoys me is when the hand gets stuck.

Clam Stress Toy

Who doesn’t hate getting stressed out? I know I hate it so much. I was in Typo one day and thought I would buy a stress toy. Since mermaids are the inspiration for my phone cover, I thought I would buy a clam. I call him… Clammy.


No woman wants to give up their beloved bag, and unfortunately, I needed to. My favorite satchel was on the verge of falling apart. I made the decision to buy a whole new bag. Originally, I wanted to the get the backpack with the Mickey Mouse ears, but there weren’t any, so I had a look at the other backpacks and found the one I liked the most. I have so much black in my wardrobe, it’s not funny. I go for bags that stand out and this bag did, especially since it was in brown.

Random Pens

No writer’s bounty is complete without a stash of pens. As a frequent Typo geek, I have a truckload of pens from the place. I love them. The pens I love the most are the Smooth Operator ones that come in a variety of colours. Whenever Typo has a theme, I try buy the associated pens to match the theme.

Bart and Lisa Simpson Sticky Notes

Who didn’t watch at least one episode of The Simpsons as a child? I’m currently re-watching the entire show from the beginning. Anyway, during 2017, Typo had a Simpsons theme. I bought a notebook with Milhouse on the front and I wanted a tote bag with the Kwik-E Mart on the front. However, I was given a Kwik-E Mart one, but not the one I wanted. So, I looked it up online and bought it from the website. Also, I bought Bart and Lisa Simpson Sticky Notes. I haven’t used many of them because I can’t buy any more of them if I run out.

Wonder Woman Pencil Case

A year before the Wonder Woman film entered cinemas, I geared up for the film’s release. Just… I did it at the wrong time. I wasn’t even aware that Typo’s current theme was Wonder Woman until I walked into the store. It was this day, I realised I loved the Typo brand.

Owl Pen Cup

For as long as I can remember, I have idolised the owl, an ancient symbol for wisdom via the goddess, Athena. When I saw that Typo had an owl pen holder, I just needed to get one. At first, I thought nothing of it, until I realised how cool it would be if I had my spirit animal (so to speak) sitting on my desk. My little buddy is called Mister Owl.


No matter what kind of writer you are, Typo has all the awesome products. Every time I go out, I end up going in and seeing if they have anything new that I can add to my collection. I love it and I would encourage anyone who is reading this and loves stationary to give the place a shot. To look up what Typo has currently, go to: or search for them on social media.

5 Cafés Around Macarthur That Have Great Coffee

5 Cafés Around Macarthur That Have Great Coffee

Who doesn’t love a morning (or evening) pick me up? No, I’m not talking about alcohol. I don’t drink. Anyway, My go-to beverage is coffee! Until a few years ago, I wouldn’t even touch the stuff. I started going to cafés around Macarthur.

When I decided I wanted to be a writer, I believed the only way I could push myself to stay awake during the long hours when I edit – which my least favorite part of the writing process, but what writer enjoys it – was with coffee. Let me see a show of hands. *Crickets* Yeah, didn’t think so.

In today’s blog post, I give you a listicle of five of the places I often go to for coffee.

5. Cobbitty Bakehouse

For as long as I have lived near Cobbitty, there has always been a café there. Though, unti about two years ago, the café changed names and hands a number of times before the current owner took over.

The place is quiet, though it can get loud if you’re in there on a weekend. Also, the place is shared with a number of local businesses and the local primary school. The parking lot is tiny due to the available space. A vast majority of the time, you need to park on the street if you can’t find a place to park on site.

What I love about the place is their biscotti – the Greek biscuit with almonds and cashews. Yummy! I stopped going there because they hadn’t had any! I haven’t been there in a while and haven’t been able to find another café that sells biscotti.

The cappuccino is , the staff are so lovely and the chocolate on top of the cap has such an a-MAZE-ing! It tastes incredible with Biscotti. In fact, I don’t what chocolate is preferred: The chocolate topping here or at Coffee Gossip.

4. Gloria Jeans Narellan

My coffee journey started at Gloria Jeans Coffee in Narellan Town Centre. I still remember the first time I walked into the establishment. The strong smell of coffee beans made me sick to my stomach. However, I held it together and I got regular cappuccino. That was my first mistake. At the time, I couldn’t get through half a cup without wanting to throw it back up. I made the same mistake a couple of times before I realised, getting a regular wasn’t ideal.

The drinks are strong with caffeine, but plentiful all the same. I love the salted caramel latte, the caramel latte and the white chocolate mocha. The white chocolate mocha reminds me of orange zest, just without the orange part.

3. McDonalds Narellan

Who hasn’t had coffee from Maccas? I don’t get coffee there often. Mostly, I’m not a near a Maccas whenever I get coffee. They have 25 years experience with coffee and it’s definitely worth trying.

2. Coffee Gossip

Coffee Gossip is one of my latest haunts. I went there a couple of Mondays ago and it’s got quite superb coffee (in my opinion). Don’t pay any attention to the reviews you see online. It all depends on the person’s tastes. The chocolate that comes with the cappuccino is just as exquiste as the chocolate sparklings on the cap at the Cobbitty Bakehouse.

1. Coffee and Co

One of my all time favorite cafés in Macarthur is Coffee and Co at Narellan Town Centre. I always order a large Cap in a takeaway cup which I have while I work on whatever writing project I’m working on.

I’ve come to know the head barista and he knows my order. Only now, I tell them I have almond milk instead of regular milk. That’s a conversation for another post.


While there are other coffee places around Macarthur, these are just a few I’ve been to. I hope to visit others in the future. All coffee joints have their own way of making coffee. Similar to writing, there is no one way of making coffee. There are literally hundreds of ways of way to brew coffee. Bring on the coffee of the future is all I’m saying.

Why I’m Afraid Of Pineapples

Why I’m Afraid Of Pineapples

Everybody has a fear of something. For some people, it’s spiders. Most other people, it’s clowns. For me, it’s *shudders* pineapples. It wasn’t always this way. I entered the film festival Tropfest with some filmmaker friends last year. See, I’m part of this group where we are trying to get filmmaking noticed in our local area.

Anyway, the signature item for this one particular year was pineapple. At the time, I was fine around the beasts of burden. Ordinarily, my mother eats pineapple all the time. I eat it on pizza, which isn’t a problem, but seeing one just freaks me out and I have to turn the other way. I see them in all forms. Keychains, figurines. You name it, I’ve seen it.

Though, I don’t freak out when its on pizza though. No idea why. I see pineapple almost everywhere I go. I can’t help, but think that they’re somehow stalking me. Notwithstanding, they seem to know where I am at all times. It’s like it won’t leave me alone!

Freaking…Beasts… Of… Burden! I would like to think that I’m dreaming all of this and I’m not really afraid of pineapples. Well, guess what. I… ain’t… dreaming. Every single little bit is real and there is nothing I can do to stop myself from wanting to run the other way. I like eating it. I just can’t reach for it and place it in my mouth, no matter how much I want to.

It’s a miracle that I am not having nightmares about mutant pineapples. Hey, it should be a movie! I can just see the title of the screenplay now! Curse of the Living Pineapple Chunk: The Movie that caused C.J. Hawkings to have a Nervous Breakdown!

Okay, rant over. I just hope you all understand my fear of pineapples now. However, you probably know more about my fear than moi does. Peace out, dudes!

What are your fears? Comment below~

A Walk Through The Country: Country Town Adventure Edition

A Walk Through The Country: Country Town Adventure Edition

You would not believe how many people think living in a country town is down right boring. I can tell you right now, they’re wrong. Clearly, they’re city folk.

I don’t get much of a chance to walk around Macarthur’s small country town of Camden vey much, but when I do. I go all out. On the day I adventured, I was on a mission to find out why my printer cartridge wasn’t working, milk and I had to buy horse food (not a horse person). It was for mum’s horses. Anyway, I had to park somewhere I didn’t particularly want to park, because the place I wanted to part didn’t have any spot left.

As a I walked through the arcade where Cartridge World is located, I found many of the shops were either shut or closed down. I blame the high rent prices, but that’s a conversation for another day. In fact, there were more empty stores in the arcade then there were full ones. When ti came to parking, I had to park behind where my family goes to the dentist.

Part of my adventure landed me at McDonalds. Given the morning I had that day, I really needed the coffee hit and guess what? It worked. Also, MacDonalds was having a promotion where if you won, you got a year’s supply of McCafé coffee.

The little cafés I found where like something out the 60s or that CW show, Riverdale. They were out of the way and very quiet. Not to mention, they were incredibly cute. I’m practically drooling at the idea.

While I was waiting for the coffee, I watched people around McDonalds. One of my pet peeves is seeing people standing around looking like they were going to buy something when they were just standing in the way of the counter. I had to move around without being rude. I wanted to tell them to move, but I couldn’t bring myself to, afraid I would tell them off and start a scene.

What I loved about walking around Camden, I found all kinds of inspiration. Nonetheless, I zoned in on the surroundings around me. I found there was so much more to the little country town I have called home for almost 15 years.

Why The Almond Factor?

Why The Almond Factor?

The decision wasn’t made lightly to begin The Almond Factor. Throwing up and gagging is not something your average person does. Oh no. I decided to begin The Almond Factor to show people who have misdiagnosed health issues that it’s perfectly alright and that there’s always an explanation out there somewhere. To begin this article, I just want to say: Almonds Win!

My recent visit to the doctor made me realise that there’s so much about whatever I have that I don’t know. Moreover, he suggested substituting full cream milk for a different milk altogether and see what happened.

When I got home, I told my mother what the doctor told me to do and even she agreed it was a good idea.

The first time I bought almond milk I went to Aldi and I had to look twice. There were like three different types so I chose the sweetened one. I am go glad I went to Aldi and not the regular supermarket where there’s an entire section of shelf dedicated to all the different milks.

The little adventure I had to the doctor made me really think about my issue.

1. How does affect me as a person and what can I do to make the situation better if I can’t rid myself of this ailment?
2. Is this an allergy or an intolerance?
3. How much of my diet will I need to adjust to stop the ongoing gagging and vomiting.

Ordinarily, the doctor told me to experiment with the milk to see how long I can go without vomiting or gagging.

So far, I have gone a couple of weeks without gagging or throwing up which is a good result. However, I did have an incident where I was drinking water and it went down the wrong way. Therefore, it caused me to throw up.

Nevertheless, I just to let you all know that these articles aren’t scientific in any way, shape or form. These are just my experiences. Almonds win!

Bye Bye, Creator! It’s Been Fun!

Bye Bye, Creator! It’s Been Fun!

In July of 2017, I decided to push myself. I became sick of having no money. I decided to join the Movie Pilot community. Just a couple of months ago, came the announcement I had dreaded. Creator would shut down by the end of the year. As expected, it came as crushing news to my ears, especially when I had just started finding my feet on the site. I had racked up just over 9k reads on my articles. That’s not much considering some of the website’s established writers had MILLIONS of reads. However, 9k was massive for me.

I tried to apply for verification. Although, a couple of my articles were promoted so that’s excellent in my eyes. Also, a top tip of theirs was to be able to write in the different formats they had in place. My top format was the listicle. While that didn’t worry me, it was only a matter of time before I learned something new from this entirely new experience.

Guess what? I did learn something! I learned so much in terms of standard formatting that I have incorporated these skills into articles I now write for Medium. The best part is I have also gone out of my way to rewrite a number of my Creator articles for my own Medium publication. We’ll get onto the publication in a later post.

I rewrote a number of my Creator articles because of how terribly written they were.  It appears, I’m learning as I go basically. In my defense for the terribly written articles, I have only been writing non-fictional material for just over a year. In other words, the process is still new and raw to me. It’s a massive learning curve for me to learn something new from all of this.

With Creator shutting down, I’m saddened to see a life-changing experience disappear. However, it’s the circle of life and I wish the Creator team the best of luck in their endeavors.


Novellas: The Drafts Edition

Novellas: The Drafts Edition


There’s an age old question newbie novel writers tend to ask via their trusty friend, Google. How many drafts should they write of their novella before it’s ready for publication? I’ve been asking myself and Google this very question for a couple of weeks. I’m in the middle of my second draft of my first novella. To be frank, it’s beginning to annoy me. Anyway, I thought this topic was ideal as a blog post and here we are. To diffuse the issue I did research and remembered that novellas are not full-length novel, though it isn’t a short story either.

What Are Novellas?

Novellas are long form short stories. A typical novella spans from 17,000 words to around 40,000 words. Other writers say novellas are between Another term for a novella is typically a long short, story hence the reason for no chapters and no chapter titles. What makes novellas unique is they are not a full novel, but they aren’t exactly a short story either.

What Sources Say

With the research I have done, I cannot find anything about how many drafts of a novella need to be written before publication. Although, from information I found about regular length novels, 5-7 drafts is generally enough. Each draft is always an improvement on the previous. Some people say three drafts while others say 11. It all depends on the writer and how well thought out they have their story planned out. For some authors, they write over 13 drafts before they get their story to the way they want it.

Here’s a few authors and how many times they write drafts before they’re satisfied.
• Stephen King – Up to 3
Leslie Rose – 11
• Karen Woodward – 7

What Draft Does What

Each draft you write will strengthen your story. Let’s take a look at what the first four drafts mean.

First Draft

The first draft is often the most fun. It is where you get your idea out on the screen or a piece of paper. Most authors call this the VOMIT draft. It may not sound appealing, but it is what it is.

Second Draft

The second draft is where the writing really starts. It begins the journey of the STORY ARC. Some authors call this draft the GROWING PAINS draft. While reading your draft from the screen of your computer or tablet, the way to find your mistakes comes from a hard copy. Yes, you actually have to print your manuscript out. By doing this, you find more errors than what you would if you were editing your work on your computer screen.

Third Draft

You’ve completed your second draft. Congratulations. Now, it is time to write your third. This draft is where you focus on the MAIN CHARACTER(S) and SUPPORTING CHARACTERS. This is when you also focus on your character development.

Fourth Draft

You’ve written your vomit draft and your story arc draft. You have also completed your character development draft. That’s three. Onto the fourth. By now, your story will have started to take shape the way you always intended it to go. Some things have changed – either by choice or because the story has gone on a different route than originally thought. The fourth draft is where you hunt out those pesky SPELLING AND GRAMMAR ERRORS. Who loves this draft. *No one puts their hand up* Yeah, me neither. A little tip for anyone that is up to this draft. If you feel you’re struggling to identify the errors, ask someone you trust to double (and triple) check for anything you might have missed.


In conclusion, nothing says a good book than the story being well written. Take as much time as you need to make sure your story is as good as possible. After all, every writer dreams of making it big. Use this article as a basic guide for your first four drafts. Depending on what you’re writing about and how experienced you are, you may only need a couple of drafts – you may need more. Again, it’s entirely up to you. After all, it’s your story.

How A Good Café And A Good Cup Of Coffee Can Increase Your Creativity

How A Good Café And A Good Cup Of Coffee Can Increase Your Creativity

You’re not a writer if you don’t drink coffee – said anyone ever! Where do you often find your inspiration? Do you go to the library where it’s quiet? Do you often find yourself thinking about creativity and how you seem limited by your imagination? To be truthful with you, I do. I’m consistently trying to find new ways to inspire myself. It’s not an easy trek in any way, shape or form. As a writer, I have found I am more productive on Thursday mornings when I go to one of my local cafés. I often write an article or a scene or two from a story I hope will someday become my debut novel. Ironic, right?

Now, onto the reason I am writing this post. I wanted to write this to encourage writers to take their local cafés into consideration. You might be surprised as to how effective a good cup of joe and a good café is for your creativity. This post will explore finding the right café for you and how just looking at the walls will inspire.

Creativity And Finding The Right Cafés For You


Nothing says a good café then a good a latté or a cappuccino or whatever coffee blend if your favourite. Coffee and cafés are both great for creativity. Some of the world’s bestselling novels were thought up in cafés in different places around the world. Regardless if you’re a songwriter, novelist or content writer, coffee and a café is exactly what you need if you want to increase your creativity.

Depending on the café you go to, creativity and inspiration can easily come out of hiding when you’re in the right head space. I have gathered a few tips to help your creativity emerge.

• Before you can even start writing, find a café or a few cafés that suit you. You need be able to feel comfortable with your surroundings.
• Once you have selected the lucky café(s), you need to a place within the café where you can work without distraction. Depending on the seating arrangement, the best place to seat is in a corner or in a booth far away from other people. I would also recommend sitting on couches or armchairs if the café has them.
• If you need a quick burst of inspiration, look at the walls of your location. Various cafés will have artwork and quotes of inspiration on their walls to give their location personality and presentation.
• If you go to a certain café frequently enough, the staff will come to know you and offer you discounts on your coffee.

If The Walls Could Talk: Inspiration And Coffee

Fans of Gilmore Girls will know of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore are coffee addicts. Coffeehouses and cafés have endless possibilities to help inspire your latest writing project. But first, here’s a quote from Lorelai Gilmore:

“I need caffeine. Whatever form you’ve got. I haven’t had any all day. I’ll drink it, shoot it, eat it, snort it, whatever form it’s in. Gimme!”

We aren’t talking about the Gilmore Girls. We’re now talking about how the walls and coffee can inspire. In one of my new favourite coffeehouses, there’s a quote on the wall that says:

“I need coffee on days ending in ‘Y’.”

Understand the joke? No? Okay.

If you need inspiration for say… your main character’s favourite drink or food, take a look at the menu. Or look around at things your fellow customers are ordering. Any combination of food might spark the creative juices to spill. If you’re looking for character inspiration, look around at the people in your chosen location. Look at what they’re drinking and their facial features. It might inspire the way your character uses their faces. Watching your fellow customers will make it easier to write descriptions for people.


In conclusion, having a place to write that is not your home or office is key to writing your ‘baby’. Regardless if you use a tablet computer, laptop or hand write your project. Using your chosen writing space and the elements around you will make you a far better writer. In saying this, using your surroundings as inspiration is key to broadening your descriptive horizons.


Dealing With Internet Trolls From A Writer’s Perspective

Dealing With Internet Trolls From A Writer’s Perspective

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘trolls’? I think of the creature that wandered into the girl’s bathroom in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Well, alright, Quirrell let the creature into the bathroom, but that’s beside the point.

Today’s post is a bit of a raw topic. Let’s just cut to the chase. We’re talking about the time-honored problem of online trolls. Yep, those pesky ‘keyboard warriors’ who think they rule the internet. Part of the discussion will focus on why people ‘troll’ and what you can do if you get trolled.

My Experience With Trolls

Before we dive into why people ‘troll’, let’s take a look at one of my recent experiences. I have a relatively unknown presence on social media. Although, I do spend a bit of time on Instagram.

Recently, I received notifications from my account via email. The notifications were from an anonymous reviewer calling themselves King Arthur— original, right? Anyway, they commented on a Lion King one-shot I wrote forever ago. This so-called ‘fan’ had this to say:

Hold on, there’s more:

And, it didn’t stop there:

Pathetic, right? In my eyes, whoever this person was, is jealous of how successful the story was. Just looking at these tirades, this person couldn’t write a story, even if they wanted to. It’s clear this person has no idea what they’re writing and they can’t spell. Guess that’s one thing I have over them.

Once, I was even trolled on a local community Facebook group. I ended up deleting the post to stop the attacks. I didn’t want it to get out of hand. However, that’s a story for another time.

Why People Troll

It is a common fact that people who troll are insecure and prefer to hide behind a computer screen. They take their anger and frustration on the world out on innocent people they don’t know. It makes them feel superior while their victim appears powerless. Basically, it’s your typical form of cyber bullying.

Learning To Deal With Trolls

No matter how you want the trolls to disappear, they won’t. They will always be there, ready to cause mayhem. Even the world’s famous aren’t spared from trolling by these vultures of mayhem.

American late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel came up with the idea to have celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. While all this is fun, the topic of cyber bullying is serious and needs to be addressed. Trolls can ruin people’s lives and make them do things like taking their own lives. How can someone sink so low as to want someone to harm themselves? It’s disgusting in every way, shape, and form.

Saikat Basu – a writer on – put together a listicle of five ways to deal with those pesky vultures — I mean, cyber bullies. You can find the article here.

I would now like to put my own two cents in about the subject.

• If you can’t resist biting back, think about the people who could be reading these comments. If you fuel the fire, it could spiral out of control.
• Back sass them, however. Don’t reply to their taunts.
• If the comments are posted on your website, delete the comments.
• If you aren’t sure of what you should do, ask someone you trust about what should be done.


Finally, no matter what you do, trolls are just going to keep existing. There isn’t anything you can do. However, you can stand up to them. Show them you aren’t afraid of what they can say about you. Ignore them. Back sass them. Take all the necessary risks you need in protecting yourself against these faceless criminals. Your life is worth so much more than theirs.

Ever had an encounter with an internet troll? Share your experience below!