Supergirl: Kara Discovers Her Father Is Still Alive And Living In The Phantom Zone!


Kara finds herself trapped in the Phantom Zone and comes face-to-face with someone she never thought she would see again; her father, Zor-El…

Supergirl returned last week with the its final season’s premiere. Kara is forced to sacrifice herself in order to put a stop to Lex’s schemes. When the Superfriends’ plan suddenly backfires, they’re forced to question what this means for their own superhero careers. Alex is concerned she will never see her sister again. This comes while J’onn begins thinking like a father rather than a soldier. Meanwhile, Brainy patches things up with Nia. Elsewhere, Lena is remorseful for not trusting Kara when told she was only trying to keep her safe. With the Phantom Zone, the Girl of Steel comes face-to-face with Zor-El, her biological father whom she thought had died with Krypton when the planet exploded.

At first, Zor-El is hostile towards her until he realises he’s talking to his daughter. Kara is shocked to discover he is not the same hopeful man she remembers from her childhood. He believes that there is no way out because of the phantoms from which the dimension is given its name. Thanks to the Maiden of Might’s inability to not give up, he agrees to help her get back to her friends.

During their time together, Kara reveals to her father that her mother, Alura is still alive and that Argo City broke away when Krypton exploded.

If there’s one thing that is evident, it’s that Zor-El is just a little more hopeful knowing that his daughter is not willing to accept defeat like he is. Now, it’s uncertain whether he will get out of the Phantom Zone with Kara, though we hoping he does. It could be the reunion of the ages if he reunites with Alura after so many years apart.

Alura And Zor

Alura has no idea her husband is still alive as she was on Argo City when Krypton exploded. She also doesn’t know that he put himself in the Phantom Zone on purpose in order to protect himself, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to get off world before the explosion. It would be nice to have the Zor-Els reunite before the series reaches its conclusion.

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