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The Bold And The Beautiful: Stop With The Sob Story, Zoe!

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Just stop with the sob story, Zoe. We know you want Carter’s money while your dream is be a Forrester…

Can we just say that we’re dying on the inside at the sob story Zoe fed Carter today? She says that all the men in her life have let her down and her love life is shit. Ahh… no it’s not. She is the one that manipulated Xander to keep quiet about Beth being alive because she wanted to protect her reputation and her father. Then, there’s Thomas. Sure, he used her to get to Hope but she should’ve listened to other people.

If Carter were smart, he wouldn’t buy into the sob story. If anything, Zoe only has herself to blame for her broken engagement. She is the one who pursued another man. Though, Zende is just as much at fault because he sent that text message that went through super late. What is it with bust ups in this how being over text message? This is like the Steffy-Liam-Hope debacle that was similar to this.

Anyway, what really annoys us about Zoe is that she puts on a good show but falls short of succeeding. We really give props to Kiara Barnes for playing this trait so well within her character’s perspective. The show is called The Bold and the Beautiful not The Zoe Buckingham Show. She doesn’t give a flying fuck about Carter. All she wants is his money. If she hadn’t been caught by Ridge flirting with Zende, she would still be going after the guy’s nephew.

It’s All About The Money And The Title

Zoe has always been ambitious. She has schemed before and she will continue to do so if something benefits her. In this case, being engaged to Carter means she gets to be part of high society which is obviously her goal. After all, she is one of Forrester Creations’ top models. However, she also wants the Forrester name. She’s no different to Liam when it comes to waffling.

Carter has been duped before and doesn’t deserve to be left behind just because the woman of his dreams wants to live the high life. Zoe was never about love. It always about wanting the best life possible. The most irk worthy part of this whole situation is that she goes to Ridge and asks him to put in a good word for her. After all, her (ex)-fiancée is his best friend.

Okay, why would he put in a good word for her when it was him that busted her flirting with his nephew? That’s what we don’t understand. Zoe just doesn’t want to lose her credibility. Also, how many times does she have to cry and say she was scared and that she needs to prove herself? Gag us!

She doesn’t care! By saying that Zende was an out if Carter didn’t want her.

Is Zende Being Sincere?

Now, Paris has lost all respect for Zende and he’s disgusted in himself for flirting with Zoe. Though, is this sob story? Sure, he’s had his player moments. Remember when he and Nicole were together but then he got caught up with Sasha and she faked a pregnancy in a desperate attempt to be with him? Yeah, that didn’t go down too well.

Though, can Carter and Paris trust him again? Perhaps one of them can, but the other might need some time before any progress can be made. Honestly, it’s sickening. He knew how much his friend loved Zoe so he should’ve stayed out of it and told her to leave him alone. Yes, he tried but he clearly didn’t try hard enough.

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