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The Bold And The Beautiful: Paris Refuses To Back Down When Zoe Orders Her To Quit


Zoe can say she’s not threatened by Paris all she likes, but it’s obvious she is, especially since she orders her sister to quit her new job…

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the Buckinghams, they are the ones who normally issue the orders. Reese was once a respected doctor until he kidnapped Beth the day of her birth. Zoe is a top model a Forrester who has now made it her job to boss around her younger sister, Paris.

As we’ve said before, Zoe is a golddigger and there is no denying that. She also does not get to dictate what her sister does with her life. If she wants to work at Forrester that is her choice. There are people who work alongside their siblings all the time. Look at Liam and Wyatt as one example of that. Another would be Brooke, Katie, and Donna.

However, little miss ‘I want Zende while being married to Carter’ is threatened by Paris and how hard she works. She can deny her jealousy all she likes, but it’s obvious she doesn’t want to be overshadowed.

Orders Ignored!

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Zoe is still harping on about how Paris could’ve warned her about Ridge going over to the Forrester mansion to bust her and Zende. Here’s the thing, though. Her sister didn’t say anything and the designer had a hunch anyway.

Sooo…. how is this Paris’ fault? She tried texting Zoe but she wasn’t picking up her phone because she was too busy trying to get Zende into bed.

Paris finally gained the upper hand in telling her sister that she is no longer going cave to her demands. She even took the resignation letter Zoe had drawn up for her and tore it up in front of her. Go, girl!

It was so good to see that Zoe isn’t going to be following Zoe’s orders any longer. She already did the gutsy thing and defied her in taking Ridge’s job offer.

It’s awesome to see that Paris is willing to call her sister out on her cruelness and that she shouldn’t be pushing orders onto her.

Look Out, Zoe

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If there’s one thing we’ve come to love about Paris is that she is actually sincere when she speaks as you can hear it in her voice. She’s not going to bullshit someone the way Zoe does. She will also not issue high horse orders to get what she wants.

To add to this, Zoe had better watch herself because Paris has already started to build a reputation for being bluntly honest. She tried to play the neutral party and it didn’t work. Now, the youngest Buckingham sister can now add badass to her resume for standing up to her manipulative sibling.

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