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The Bold And The Beautiful: Zoe Just Confirmed She Wants To Be A Forrester


She had a shot with Thomas to become a Forrester. But now, she officially admits she wants in to Los Angeles’ most famous family…

Zoe might’ve been used by Thomas to get to Hope. However, she thought she was getting a second chance at her dream by getting involved with Zende Forrester Dominguez. However, there was a problem. When he returned to Los Angeles, she and Carter were already together and the fashion designer could see that and knew he couldn’t challenge it.

In today’s episode, Zoe tries to get Zende to admit that he has feelings for her, but he won’t. Good on him. He’s not caving to what she wants when his interest in her has shifted to Paris.

It should be noted it also that Zoe even subtle and Zende is just playing coy. He knows what she’s implying and he doesn’t want to hurt Carter who is one of his closest friends. It appears that Buckingham couldn’t care less about her fiancée’s feelings as she wants the Forrester and not the COO. This only proves what Paris in an episode the other day. Her sister wants the luxurious lifestyle. In order to achieve her goal, however, she needs the man.

Zoe’s ‘Make Me A Forrester’ Plan Backfires

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Zoe claims there was a spark between her and Zende from the moment they met. Believe us, there was. Past tense. Sorry Miss Buckingham, he don’t want you! It’s your sister he’s interested in. Your ‘Please make me a Forrester wife’ plan has gone down the toilet. Literally.

Zende took an interest in Paris because of unique she is. She’s a much freer spirit than Zoe. This should tell her something. It also hadn’t escaped her sister’s notice that the model cycles through men like Brooke use to.

In an episode earlier in the week, Paris pointed this very concept out. First it was Xander who is an Avant and Maya’s cousin. Then, it was Thomas who conned her into an engagement he never intended to stand by. Finally, there’s good-hearted Carter who became the COO of Forrester Creations.

An Avant. A Forrester. The COO of a prestigious fashion house. High privilege and Zoe knows it. If she snagged Zende, she could become an even bigger name in the modelling world than Maya. Being involved with a famous family is a guaranteed way make her more noticeable.

Ridge Begins To Take Notice Of Zoe’s Behaviour

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Ridge is a lot of things, but when it comes to Forrester Creations, he’s not blind. A spoiler website has teased that next week the co-CEO is going to notice Zoe’s behaviour. Now, we would kill (no literally) to be a fly on the wall.

Since getting back with Brooke, Ridge has been largely off-screen but he has jumped in from time to time. One of those times was to interview Paris for the Forrester Foundation job. We need to ask what he could potentially see?

Could he overhear what she said to Zende? Could Carter have tipped him off to her behaviour? It should be any number of things but it would amazing to see him call her out.

We would love to see Zoe fall on her face. How dare she want to be a Forrester when she’s engaged to a man who clearly adores her?! It’s an insult to all Carter fans. She doesn’t care about him at all. If she did, she would’t be pining for his friend who happens to be the nephew of their boss.

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