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Omid Needs To Shut Up And Learn To Tell A Joke From A Jab!


Omid, just do us all a favour and zip it…

There’s a huge difference between making a joke and taking the piss out of someone. Omid Scobie, who is a personal friend of Harry and Meghan has fired up the Sussex Squad by misinterpreting a joke told by the Duke of Sussex’s uncle and aunt, Prince Edward and Sophie, the Earl and Countess of Wessex. Seriously, the man needs to zip it.

The Earl and Countess, who are the parents of Harry’s teenage cousins, Lady Louise and Viscount James, made a subtle joke during their interview with Camilla Tominey for the UK Telegraph as told by 9Honey. The Sussex Squad will blow up at anyone or anything that might be a jab towards their beloved duo. Omid is only adding fuel to the fire here and not in a good way. His Tweet only shows how immature he is and how he doesn’t care about any other royals out of the exiled ones.

[Credit: @scobie – Twitter]

We’ve written before how he shouldn’t even be called a ‘royal reporter’. He is simply the chief Squaddie for a bunch of brainwashed imbeciles. Of course, the Wessexes know who Oprah is! They were at the 2018 wedding with her. Also, Winfrey is one of the most famous women in the WORLD! We highly doubt they interacted but they were all at the same god damn event. You can look up the photos on Google!

Again, ZIP it, Omid! You’re not a real royal reporter. Yes, you covered William and Catherine’s wedding in 2011 but how else have you accomplished? You only got to where you are, because of your worshipping of Meghan, mostly. The only reason people give you a platform to sprout your love for a woman who lied so much she believes everything she says is fact is that you’re nothing more than a male version of Markle.

Report On The Real Royals

Omid needs to separate his love of Meghan and Harry with what he is actually supposed to be doing; reporting on the royals who actually make a difference. Take Edward and Sophie for example. For years, they’ve worked silently in the background while William and Catherine and Charles and Camilla take centre stage. After all they are the future of the monarchy.

The Wessexes have never minded being behind the others. They’ve been getting on with the work like they should be. They don’t complain about their positions or how they’ve been treated. Sure, Sophie had some hard times at the beginning of her marriage, but she’s pulled through stronger than she was before. That is why we love her and Edward.

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