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Home And Away RUMOUR: Could Marco Astoni Be Ziggy’s Father?


Home and Away is introducing another Astoni to the mix, but this one is one Ben and Maggie would rather pretend didn’t exist

No Summer Bay couple is more committed to each other than Ben and Maggie Astoni. Since they arrived in 2017, they’ve had their fair share of dramas, but none are going to be quite as big as the arrival of Marco. Question is, what is his motive for showing up after all this time and could it have something to do with Ziggy?

For those of you not familiar with the strained relationship between Ben and Marco, here’s a shortened version.

When the brothers were younger, Marco tried to steal Maggie from Ben and it resulted in Ben being arrested and charged with assault. However, it resulted in an estrangement. However, that was the end of the story until now.

Marco’s Unexpected Arrival

From the promo, we see Marco show up at the Astoni home unexpected. Maggie is there by herself and the look on her face when she sees him is one of shock. Then there’s a whole montage of Marco meeting Ziggy, then there’s a birthday party for Ben.

In that time, we see Maggie on the verge of panic as she watches Marco interact with her husband. There might even be a spark there too, but we’ll just need to wait and see. However, it’s the last part of the promo that made our ears prick up.

We see Marco confront Maggie over a secret she has clearly been keeping from Ben: She and Marco slept together. This is going to be devastating for Ben when he finds out. We also need to ask ourselves if there’s more to it.

Ben Isn’t Ziggy’s Father? Theory Watch

Given Marco hasn’t spoken to his brother, sister-in-law or his nieces in years, we assume that the alleged affair happened years ago. Question is when did this happen? We know Ziggy is in her early 20s so the affair could’ve happened any time before or after her conception. Though, could it have been enough to conceive the eldest of Maggie’s daughters?

They say “It only takes one time” to conceive a child. However, we’re not the one who came up with this theory. We found it on Instagram but we can’t remember who the poster is. For now, it’s only speculation. Though, if this revelation does comes out as being true, it won’t be enough to destroy Ben and Maggie’s marriage and here’s why we think that…

Could Ben And Maggie Leave The Bay?

There’s speculation that Ben and Maggie might be leaving the Bay this year. Most actors leave the show after about three years to move onto greener pastures. Just the 2019 season finale and the 2020 season premiere week had us saying goodbye to Mason and Robbo who were both killed. We’ve also said goodbye to reoccurring characters of Lance, Scott, and Alex, two of them are now dead. Though, where does that place Ben and Maggie?

Well, according to Back to the Bay, there’s a celebratory lunch where Alf toasts Ben and Maggie, meaning they don’t break up if Ziggy’s paternity is changed to Marco being her father. However, other than the actors not being seen filming since December (production break), there’s no solid proof that they’re leaving. There’s a birthday party for Ben coming up that doesn’t mean much other than bringing Marco back into the family loop. Just because there’s a special lunch, doesn’t mean they’re leaving. If they were leaving, there’s also the likelihood that Ziggy might go with them but there’s been no news that Sophie Dillman is leaving.

Also, we need to exercise the possibility of Maggie and Ben leaving, might have something to do with Marco. This is only a theory for the time being but we should find out more as the episodes get closer.


Now, before we wrap this post up, we need to take into consideration what Ziggy’s reaction might be if her uncle is her father and vice versa. Well, she won’t take it too well as Ben is the only father she has ever known. However, that would also mean that Coco, won’t be just her half-sister. It would make them cousins too. Complicated, we know.

Please, this is just a theory and do not take it as concrete information.

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