Zatanna Is Coming To The Big Screen!


A new magician is coming to the DCEU.

Grab your wands because Zatanna Zatara is about to enter the DCEU! Variety reports that Emerald Fennell the woman behind Promising Young Woman will write a movie on the lady magician. The film will be produced by JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot Production company through WarnerMedia.

In the comics and all other media, Zatanna is Giovanni “John” Zatara‘s daughter.

Zatara is a member of the Justice League and once served on the All-Star Squadron. During the animated series Young Justice, John becomes Doctor Fate, replacing Kent Nelson. For an hour per year, Nabu permits to remove the helmet to be with his daughter.

Like her father before her, Zatanna has served on several hero teams. These include Justice League Dark, Young Justice, and the Seven Soldiers of Victory. Two of her closest associations are John Constantine and Batman.

In Young Justice, Zatanna had a relationship with Dick Grayson.

As of the writing of this post, Zatanna will be the second female DC Character to get a solo film. Wonder Woman currently has two under her tiara. Sasha Calle does not currently have a Supergirl film in the works.

Emerald Fennell is a busy lady these days. While she is a writer and director, she’s also an actor. Concisely, her recent roles include playing Camilla Parker-Bowles on The Crown.  She has worked on Call of the Midwife and served as showrunner on the British spy thriller Killing Eve, which stars Sandra Oh.

Also, Emerald is working on a musical adaptation of Cinderella with Andrew Lloyd Webber. She has also starred in The Danish Girl with Eddie Redmayne.

There is currently no other news on Zatanna as of writing. When there is an update on the project, we’ll be sure to share it with you.

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