YouTubers Speak Out About The College Cheating Scandal

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YouTubers unite!

In the last week, the news has been flooded with information on fifty people being arrested for a bribery scandal to get their kids into high-end colleges. Lori Loughlin played a massive role in the scandal while Felicity Huffman has remained in the shadows of the scam. YouTubers are having a great time making videos on the subject.

Even Loughlin’s co-stars have weighed in on the situation, but Lori’s youngest daughter, Olivia Jade’s fellow YouTubers have spoken out too. Harlow Brooks, Kylie Dennison, Emma Monden, and USC student Stephanie Kreimerman have given their takes on the scandal. Check out the videos below along with brief breakdowns on the videos. Olivia had better watch out because these YouTubers hate her guts!

Harlow Brooks

The news began with one of Oliva Jade’s former classmates and a fellow YouTuber, Harlow Brooks speaking out about her short experience at the private school the Giannulli sisters attended. She says in the introduction of her video that she was always suspicious that both girls got into the same college.

Here’s what she had to say in full:

She adds in a follow-up video that she was messaged by Oliva Jade’s classmates that they were ‘threatening’ to sue her. Talk about rich kid talk that they can’t actually enforce with mummy and daddy’s stolen cash. Here’s that video:

Harlow said in the video that she was only at the school a week and was looked down upon because she was middle-class.

Kylie Dennison

As a former college athlete YouTuber Kylie Dennison knows how much time it takes to be on a college sports team. She’s run her channel Kiki Chanel since 2010. She explains that her Freshman college roommate was a rower and she’d watch her get up every morning to go train.

Here’s what she had to say:

Emma Monden

Emma Monden wanted to go to USC all her life. She worked extremely hard, only to get rejected. Emma admits that it’s hard to accept someone wealthy would cheat their way into a school.

As someone has tried getting into USC, Ms. Monden admits that it’s disappointing that the college admissions system is flawed. Emma mentions that she wasn’t sure whether Olivia and Bella knew about the crime their parents were committing. But she says she has every reason to believe that they knew, based on what she’s seen. Here’s the full video:

Stephanie Kreimerman

USC student Stephanie Kreimerman voiced her dismay at the crime. She said in her own video that it took her three tries to get into USC. Stephanie says that college admissions for the average person are $80 which is nothing to people like Olivia Jade who has 1.9M followers as a YouTuber.

Here’s what Stephanie had to say:

Stephanie says she understands Olivia’s upbringing as the daughter of a famed actress and fashion designer, but she admits that Olivia is ungrateful for taking the spot of a person who worked hard.

She also says that the school should make examples of any student who cheats their way into their programs. Stephanie’s right because there’s people that deserve to be there and yet some filthy rich kid took a place they did not deserve.


We don’t blame these YouTubers for feeling the way they do. They worked hard to get into their colleges and to have a celebrity’s wealthy child taking a spot from someone who actually deserves it sucks. It brings a new perspective to white, privileged, rich kids. It gives wealthy people who do the right thing a bad name. Also, it gives people who work hard their entire lives a reason to hate people of wealth because of what people like Loughlin, Huffman, Giannulli do.

Be sure to check out our post on why Olivia isn’t a good role model here.

Comment below on what your opinions are on the scandal and I would love to know if you’ve ever met Olivia Jade in some compacity. If you have, what was she like? Was she nice? Did she seem fake and overprivileged? Let me know!

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