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#BlackLivesMatter: YouTuber Jake Paul Accused Of Looting

Jake Paul

Logan and Jake Paul are morons. We’ve already spoken about one brother. Now, we’re talking about the other.

We’ve already talked about Logan Paul going on a fake date with his equally as fake ex-sister-in-law, Tana Mongeau. Now, his brother, Jake Paul is in even bigger hot water for allegedly looting at an Arizona mall during the George Floyd protests.

The Paul brothers just don’t know when to quit! Jake Paul has since said that he did not partake in the looting which we know is total BS. He was THERE! The guy is white privilege all the way and he should just doing what he does best: being a total idiot. He is not a legit human being if he is taking advantage of the riots just to get views and clicks.

Jake Paul is a nutter. He is doing everything in his power to win back views and subscribers because people have woken up to the fact that he is a colossal turd who is thinking only of his now failing YouTube career. People like him shouldn’t have massive following.

They should have better things to do with their time than watch a dunderhead like Jake Paul commit crimes because they have ‘anxiety’. People like this are only doing it for the views and don’t care that an innocent man died because of white supremacist police officers who used force when it wasn’t necessary.

YouTubers like the Paul brothers should be culled and cancelled. They’re only causing more harm. George Floyd was an innocent man who didn’t deserve death. Yes, we’ve mentioned it before, but we want to make the point that tragedies like this make people do stupid and recklessly thoughtless things. We do not condone Jake Paul’s actions and we hope people are smart enough not to follow his example and loot.

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