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Trauma Was The Perfect Way To Show Character Development In Young Justice Season 4


Young Justice Season 4 has given us an interesting structure of stories that still interconnect with what came before. It’s a good change as the previous season got a lukewarm response from fans who had wanted the show back after so many years of its uncertain fate. The mid-season finale has dropped, and we thought we’d dive into the trauma our characters faced in the first thirteen episodes.

If we’re honest, the structure works much better than Season 3, as it doesn’t spend too much time on the same set of characters. It allows the audience to breathe and spend time with other characters we haven’t spent much time with.

Since this post covers the arcs of the first thirteen episodes of Season 4, we’re going to break the way the arcs played out:

  • Conner, M’gann, and Garfield
  • Artemis and Jade
  • Zatanna

An Almost Mars Wedding And A Death

A year has passed, and M’Gann and Conner have overcome the obstacles from Season 3. They’re finally ready to walk down that marital aisle. Though, they are not expecting drama on what should be the happiest moment of their lives.

Upon their arrival, they’re greeted with a somewhat hostile situation with Mars’ king mysteriously murdered. Also, one of M’gann’s brothers, M’Comm is a suspect. Not to mention, there is tension between M’gann and her sister, Em’ree. On top of everything, Gar is having relationship troubles with Queen Perdita, and past trauma resurfaces involving the death of his mother, Marie.

It’s not until a bomb detonates laced with Kryptonite does M’gann’s trauma of losing the man she loves begins.

Conner’s death is felt throughout the team when the news reaches Earth. It even also affects Conner’s adoptive family, the Kents. His older “brother” Kal-El who along with his wife Lois, has to explain to their toddler son, Jonny that his uncle is gone.

Elsewhere, Artemis is told of the news by Kaldur and Dick.

Also, Gar, having returned to Earth, begins withdrawing from everyone. He struggles to connect on the set of Space Trek, much to the annoyance of his director. Even the Outsiders begin to notice their leader’s withdrawal. It becomes so bad that it causes Perdita to travel to Hollywood to try and sort it out. However, she realises that he’s been taking pills and sees that his trauma runs much deeper.

Through Wonderland

As Artemis deals with Conner’s death in her own way, having seen him as the brother she never had, she also has to deal with her relationship with her sister, Jade. What’s more, she also has to determine whether Cassandra Savage or Onyx Adams is a traitor.

At the same time, it makes her look at the relationship she has with her sister and how much she valued it as they were growing up. It makes Jade realise that she is missing out on Lian’s upbringing by keeping herself away from her family. It also showed how Paula could play mediator between her two daughters.


The third arc focuses on Zatanna and her three protégés, Thirteen, Khalid, and Mary, as they come up against the Lords of Chaos. When Child, a female Chaos Lord, seeks to steal power from Klarion the Witch Boy, Zatanna and her students must fight trauma to preserve the balance of the world.

Meanwhile, Vandal Savage faces personal trauma from the many centuries he’s been alive. He loses several of his children to various conflicts. Moreover, this includes the sinking of Atlantis which costs the life of his grandson.

Even Zatanna’s father, Zatara, faces his own trauma of spending the last decade as the host of Nabu and being Doctor Fate.

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