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Young Justice: Phantoms Gets First Poster Ahead Of DC FanDome


Young Justice: Phantoms has launched its promo campaign with its first poster ahead of DC FanDome this weekend. Boy, it feels good to have something solid for this show. As fans know, Young Justice has struggled to gather momentum because of its treatment when it was on Cartoon Network. After a few years, they bought it back. The third season was broadcast on DC Universe. We did a post on this regarding why it was a good move. It then moved to HBO Max after DC Universe became a comic-exclusive service.

Fast-forward to the upcoming season, and we’d honestly forgotten that there was a chance something would drop close to FanDome. We’ve been waiting a while to get any form content regarding Phantoms. We’ll have to go back and watch the whole show before it starts because we’ve forgotten almost everything. What’s more, is this is a series that we love, and we’re just glad that it is back after such a long hiatus.

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YJ: Phantoms Poster Breakdown

Going over to the poster, we see Kaldur is still Aquaman. Artemis is in her Tigress costume.

Next up with M’gann and Conner front and centre. Now, if you zoom in on M’gann’s hand, which is oddly placed behind Conner’s fist, you can see she’s wearing a ring. It could be her engagement ring. Or, depending on if there’s a time jump, they could’ve gotten married.

Finally, in the back, we’ve got Rocket, Nightwing, and Zatanna. Will the seven heroes join forces again? Given the shift of the group over time, perhaps they’ll come together for a one-time fight. After all, Rocket and Zatanna joined the Justice League. Artemis, meanwhile, has stepped in and out of Young Justice over the years.

In conclusion, it brings us to the question of why is the subtitle “Phantoms”?

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