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Marvel Theory: Who Could Play A Role In A Young Avengers Team Up?

Young Avengers

For the past eleven years, Marvel has been dishing out great films about our favourite Marvel heroes. Well, fans want another group of heroes of have their own adventures.

Avengers Endgame farewelled the likes of the Steve Rogers version of Captain America, Iron Man, and Natasha Romanoff. It also gives us a look at the future. We met teenage versions of Lila Barton, Cassie Lang, and Harley Keener while welcoming Morgan Stark.

With Phase Four beginning in 2020, we’ll be welcoming back old favourites and bringing in new ones. Fans have noticed new groups being teased for future installments. One of those groups is the Young Avengers.

1. Harley Keener

Young Avengers
[Credit: Geeks on Coffee]

Let’s begin with a kid introduced in Iron Man 3, Harley Keener. Now, it might seem like a coincidence that he appeared at Tony’s funeral, but there’s more to the cameo.

Marvel Comics introduced a character named Nathaniel Richards who became Iron Lad. However, the only person with that forename is Clint and Laura Barton’s youngest son. Actor Ty Simpkins, who played Harley approved of the theory. Tony served as a mentor to the teenager like he was to his protégé and surrogate son, Peter Parker (more on that later). 

2. Cassie Lang

Young Avengers
[Credit: LRM Online]

She’s the offspring of the current Ant-Man and the unofficial stepdaughter of the second Wasp. Cassie’s appearance in Avengers Endgame made us sit up straighter. In the comics, she follows in her dad’s footsteps and becomes a hero, taking on the moniker, Stature. Since her introduction, she’s also been known as Stinger, Giant-Girl and Ant-Girl as nods to her dad and Hank Pym.

Cassie is a current member of the group so ageing her up wasn’t farfetched. As explained in Endgame, after Thanos is killed by Thor, five years pass and people try to move on after the Snap. Scott is spat out of the Quantum Realm thinking hours have passed only to learn its been half a decade Frantic, he goes looking for his daughter’s name among those who got blipped and discovers his own. He reunites with his little girl and finds she’s older. They’re later seen celebrating under the fireworks with Hope.

3. Morgan Stark

Young Avengers
[Credit: HDQWalls]

Maguna is the daughter of Tony and Pepper who received named her name from her great-uncle. She became an instant fan favourite after she coined the phrase “I love you, 3000”. However, what if her creation is another hint at a Young Avengers project?

Katherine Langford was cast as teenage Morgan but her scene which takes place after Tony snaps his fingers to kill Thanos got cut due to the confusion of the test audience.

4. Kate Bishop

Young Avengers
[Credit: The Hollywood Inquirer]

We know Kate Bishop is coming to the MCU as she will debut in the Hawkeye series alongside with Clint Barton. In the comics, she becomes the second Hawkeye and is the protégé to the older version. She’s a member of the current Young Avengers team alongside Cassie Lang.

Since Kate is introduced in Hawkeye, it will be our chance to witness her in action. If her appearance in the series is successful, she’ll be branched off into the bigger MCU and will replace Clint as Hawkeye permanently.

5. Lila Barton

Young Avengers
[Credit: Comic Book]

Seeing Lila Barton as a teenager was bound to happen, but we did not expect it to see in Endgame. With her shooting arrows with Clint made fans wonder if she would make up his role as Hawkeye.

You can’t have two Hawkeyes at the same time as it becomes confusing. The theory may still hold up, but if Lila follows her dad’s ways, she might have a fight on her hands to prove she’s the one who should be Hawkeye.

6. Sprite

Young Avengers
[Credit: IGN Entertainment]

While Sprite hasn’t been introduced yet, she will appear in The Eternals. Depending on where the film sits in the timeline, the character might pop up again. Since she is young, she’d play a bigger role as a part of the Young Avengers.

7. Peter Parker

Young Avengers; Spider-Man
[Credit: CosmicBook News]

Why is Spider-Man on this list when he’s an Avenger?  Just hear us out. After Bruce bought everyone back, the web-slinger remained the same age. This is what Betty says in Spider-Man Far From Home.

If a Young Avengers project is in the works, Peter could be part of this group given his age. We can’t find proof he was a Young Avenger in the comics, if we’re wrong, please tell us. Anyway, If Parker became a Young Avenger, he would be one of the most experienced members. 

8. Shuri

[Credit: Vox]

She’s Black Panther’s little sister whom came up with the unforgettable line “What are those?!” But if a Young Avengers project is announced, Shuri should be on the team. Why? She’s got the makings of an Avenger and we’re not just saying that because her brother worked with them.

Shuri is one of the MCU greatest minds that rivals that of Tony Stark, Bruce  Banner, and Peter Parker. She’s fun and wants what is best for her people and the world. If a Young Avenger project comes up, Shuri could be the team’s tech support and an agent in the field.

9. Groot

[Credit: Comic Book]

Now, Groot is a cool one. He might have once been an adult but now he’s back to being a teenager and a rebellious one at best. Wouldn’t it be awesome if our favourite teen plant was in a Young Avengers project? It would give Rocket a break of playing dad for a bit.

10. Kamala Khan

[Credit: Marvel]

We got the surprise of our Marvel loving lives when we were told at D23 that Kamala Khan would be joining the MCU with her own series on Disney+.  Since her introduction, Ms Marvel has become a fan favourite and has appeared in animated media as an Avenger and as a member of the Secret Warriors. While she’s never been a Young Avenger, the MCU could be the perfect place to bring her as one.

It would be so much fun to see her on the big screen and interacting with other young heroes.


The MCU is constantly addking new projects and we hope Young Avengers is on the table soon. There’s so many hints that its coming, but we’re justing wishing and theorising for the moment and we’re okay with that. For now, we’re just going to enjoy what we have for now.

Do you think Young Avengers is coming and if so, who do you think should be on the team? Let us know below what your thoughts are. If you’re looking for more Marvel goodies, be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell.

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