WTF, Today Show? Since When Is Allison Langdon Known As ‘Ally’?

Allison Langdon

Channel Nine really are desperate. Their precious Today Show has been struggling for years and now their first promo for 2020 has dropped and is now calling Allison Langdon ‘Ally’. Since when?

We’d much rather watch Studio 10 than we would Channel 9‘s Today. In the promo recently released for the struggling breakfast show, it calls Allison Langdon, ‘Ally’. While nicknames are fairly common and we’re certainly not complaining about that, this is a bit of a dick move by the network. Before we dive into what’s going on, here’s the video!

Allison Langdon has NEVER been called Ally in all the time she’s been on television. Much of Today’s fanbase is divided over the new move and they’ve got every right to be upset. There has been change after change and they’re sick it off. In an article on Yahoo! Lifestyle, some people are saying they won’t be tuning in.

According to the Daily Mail, Allison has always been professionally known by her full name. However, the publication claims Allison’s name is shortened as a way of making her seem down-to-earth. Ahhh…

Channel 9, you do realise that Allison has worked with 60 Minutes, right? People know who she is! You’re just upset because Sunrise is destroying Today in the ratings. Also, Karl was the one who had a bloody midlife crisis! His marriage to Cassandra Thorburn crashed and burned in a very public fashion. People are OVER his shit!

We loathe Karl but we love Cass. Anyway, Karl was the whole reason the show is a trainwreck! The constant changing of hosts was a desperate attempt to save the show from cancellation.

Australian television isn’t like American television where there’s a dozen talk shows. Channel 9 is treating Allison like she’s the reason the show is tanking behind Sunrise. They need to leave her alone and pull Karl into line. Sure, he’s worth millions and he’s Nine’s “Golden Boy” but he needs to be held accountable. Put him on the ABC or or SBS.

Reinstating him to Today is a crap move and you’re basically going back to square one. Leave Allison Langdon’s name alone and just allow her to be herself. She doesn’t need a personality boost, Karl DOES!

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