Royal RUMOUR: Meghan, The Duchess Of Sussex Might Be Writing A Book

writing a book

Looks like Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex is going to be writing a book…

We’re not sure if this is true but it looks like Meghan Markle might be writing a book as per Now, before you start panicking, it doesn’t look like she’s going to be spilling royal secrets. She could be following Prince Charles and Sarah Ferguson into fiction.

For those who don’t know, Prince Charles wrote a children’s book in the early 1980s based on a story he use to tell his brothers, Andrew and Edward when they were boys. Also, the former Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson writes children’s books.

If this rumour is true, the duchess will release whatever she writes through Archewell, the foundation she founded with husband, Prince Harry and was named after their son, Archie.

What she could write about is unknown but we all know she has experience. After all, she write for her blog, The Tig back in the day. She also helped to bring out the Communities cookbook to help the Grenfell Fire survivors. There is no doubt the book would sell well, no matter how sugary sweet and preachy it sounds.

Here’s the thing with Meghan doing something like this. She could just return to her blog if she wanted to. She still has the domain name registered and trademarked. It’s as if she wants to forget her life from before she had a title and money.

What Will Meghan Writing A Book Achieve?

Just because Meghan has a title now doesn’t mean she’s going to be able to recover her reputation as a ‘nice’ person. Every other attempt she has made has backfired except maybe the miscarriage story. What makes this rumoured book so hard to believe is due to how much Markle wants the world to percieve her as an innocent victim of the ‘toxic’ royal family and of the press.

However, here she is smiling at the camera every time a lens is aimed at her. Sure, there are going to be people who believe her bullshit and will buy anything with her name on the cover. Sure, whatever she publishes through Archewell will make money, but most of the world see through her ploy. She is trying and failing to become the most famous person in the world.

We’re not buying into her speech about her not caring if people liked her or not and that all she wanted was people to listen to her. She thinks she’s so smart and that the rest of the world is stupid. Will we be buying her book if the rumour is true? No. We’re just going to go off any excerpts they may release.

Could This Rumoured Book Fix Meghan’s Image Issue?

This book, no matter whatever it is, will not win Meghan any new fans. The Finding Freedom junko biography backfired terribly. First, Markle and Harry said they were having a bio written about them to ‘tell their side of the story’. Then, they say they were not involved with the tell-all.

The more they change their story, the more people are going to turn against them. People are not buying into things they release into the world now. There’s already those who doubt Meghan even had a miscarriage given the way her op-ed in the New York Times read.

Also, people question the timing of the many things they release. When they drop something, it overshadows something the royal family is releasing. It is as if they view the Firm as their competitor.

If we had to guess, the timing of everything the Sussexes release would have Meghan’s approval. If she wants something released on a certain date, it will be.

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