Sussex Drama: The Queen’s Denial Of Wreath Laid At Cenotaph For Harry “Wounded” Him


Prince Harry was apparently “wounded” when his request to have a wreath laid at the cenotaph got rejected…

The story of the “wounded” Prince Harry has resurfaced. According to the Daily Mail, a friend has claims that the Duke of Sussex was hurt when his request to have a wreath laid at the Cenotaph got rejected. This is allegedly what lead (in our honest opinion) to the distasteful photos at the Los Angeles war cemetery.

Okay, we’re doing to stop right there. Harry knew the rules. You cannot have a wreath laid at the Cenotaph on your behalf. This ‘rumour’ about him being wounded from the rejection is just total bullshit! A tribute can only be placed on the behalf of someone else.

The wreaths that are laid at the Cenotaph are not placed on behalf of members of the royal family. The army has someone lay a wreath for them and so on. For example, Prince William will lay one for the air force and Princess Anne might lay one for the navy.

Harry is just upset because things were not going his and Meghan’s way. His so-called wounded pride shows just how out of touch he is. There is a lot going on in the world at the moment. He chooses to complain because he didn’t get a wreath laid for him. He has become no better than his wife. It’s cruel and disgusting to the Queen and the whole royal family.

They did so much for Harry pre-Meghan. Then he gets up and leaves, taking his son with him while his wife is pulling the strings. The whole thing just makes us sick thinking about it.

If there are a group of people should feel ‘wounded’ it’s the servicemen and women. They wanted their prince to represent them at a memorial service. Instead he went to a movie premiere to get his wife work with Disney.

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