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Chronicles Of Harkle: Was It Worth It, Harry And Meghan?

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The verdict is out (for the time being) on Harry and Meghan’s place within the royal family. While they will not be returning to being working members of the Firm, they have still found ways to be offensive. Though, was abusing everything the Queen stands for worth it? The woke couple who will doing an interview with Oprah Winfrey, just can’t stay away from the press despite saying they want privacy and yet they’re invading their own.

If they cared about the royals at all, Harry and Meghan would’ve stuck it out until the Queen and Prince Philip had passed on. But no. They wanted everything their way and when they didn’t, they threw a titanic tantrum and claimed that the institution in which the prince was raised was unsupportive and toxic. In other words, code for racists who won’t give them what they think they deserve.

That is the whole reason Finding Freedom was published to tell ‘their side of the story’. Please. It was nothing more than a creative writing exercise by fanboy Omid Scobie who will believe anything that comes out of Meghan’s mouth. He’s her little mouthpiece who will agree with her. If only the rest of the world agreed with her. *insert sarcasm here*

I seriously doubt that Harry and Meghan will ever read this but was bashing everything the Queen holds dear worth it? Do you feel proud of the idea that your son will never get to know his cousins of the rest of the royal family? Her Majesty and Prince Philip are not going to be around much longer and all they want is to spend time with all of their great-grandchildren while that’s still possible.

The Harkles have become selfish to the point it is basically laughable.

Selfish Or Worthy?

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Harry has been brainwashed to listen to only Meghan. She only loves him for the titles and the money. That has never been more certain. She was posting to social media that they were dating when he wanted to keep it under wraps. Her deliberate exposure of their relationship is what caused the so-called ‘racist’ attacks. She ran straight to her prince accusing the press of cruelty, knowing he hated the media because of what happened to his mother whom she allegedly idolises.

To prince dimwit, was it worth dropping your whole family for a woman who says thing just to please you but does the total opposite? Miss I’m-too-good-work wants the fame which is why she has people post to social media for them despite saying that it’s toxic and for addicts. Ah huh, sure.

There are a load of people who will do anything for the Sussexes as well as bully other members of the royal family. For what reason is unclear but these two clearly don’t do their research. They claim to want to good in the world but how can they when they’re constantly causing issues for those who actually don’t seek recognition all the time.

The real royals who do a ton of charity work don’t go out with a professional photographer just so they can show they’re doing something constructive. The sensible people of the universe would understand that this just a huge PR stunt. Also, real celebrities wouldn’t take an hour flight to a charity event, take photos for ten minutes and then leave.

Everything the Harkles do is for selfish reasons regardless of what they say. They also took a swipe at the Queen regarding public service. All Her Majesty is about is doing what is right for her nation.

Public Service Isn’t About Your Bank Account

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In their disgusting statement after they were officially booted from their patronages which reads according to Elle:

As evidenced by their work over the past year, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex remain committed to their duty and service to the U.K. and around the world, and have offered their continued support to the organizations they have represented regardless of official role. We can all live a life of service. Service is universal.

Harry and Meghan statement according Elle

Clearly Harry and Meghan are pissed that things once again haven’t gone their way. The Queen is getting back at them for the last eleven months worth of bad behaviour. The statement as posted above is their way of claiming that Her Majesty has no idea what ‘public service’ is. Actually, she does.

All the Queen’s 69 year reign has been is public service. She has sacrificed so much for her nation and yet, she has to deal with two almost forty-year-old self-important, immature children. Sorry, Sugars but it’s true. They say they do more for the world than the monarch of the country they just abandoned.

Harry and Meghan wouldn’t know the first thing about public service if it hit them in the face several times. Sure, the prince was in the military for a decade and helped to establish the Invictus Games but he wasn’t done anything that screams news-worthy.

Meghan only did work with World Vision and the UN because she knew it was going to help snag her a prince. Now, she’s struggling to keep up with all the ‘business ventures’ they’ve got going on. *insert eye roll emoji here*

All the goo-goo eyes in the world is not enough to fool any sane person.

Meghan Is Not The First Person To Try And Monetise Her Title

[Credit: Philadelphia Inquirer]

Despite Harry taking the fall for Megxit, it doesn’t take a genius to work out it was all Meghan. She couldn’t hack it as a senior royal when during the engagement interview said she was excited to be taking on a role in the monarchy. Little did she realise that she would actually have to work. She would not get to vacation for the rest of her life.

It was rumoured that Meghan had trademarked her title but after a quick Google search, she hasn’t. The only thing that comes up is a trademark filing for fruit and vegetables in New Jersey. Also, she is banned from trademarking her moniker and using it for commercial gain, according to the Daily Mail. After all, she and Harry cannot use their HRH stylings.

If we think back, Sarah Ferguson, the former Duchess of York tried and failed to monetise the family. This did not go down too well with the royals as this is not what they do. Though, this would not stop Meghan because if she wants to do something there is no stopping her.

Just this idea alone is enough to make us see that she never wanted to work. All she wanted was to marry a prince, get the title and get the hell out. She knew the royal family were popular (despite saying she didn’t know about them being well-known) and that she could make a load of money from her connection to them.

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