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Wonder Girl Will NOT Be Going Ahead On The CW


The Wonder Girl series will not be going into production.

If you’re anything like us and were looking forward to having a Wonder family-centric series finally on The CW, then you’re going to be disappointed.

The recently announced series, Wonder Girl which would have featured the new Wonder Woman from the new DC Future Slate comics, Yara Flor will not be going through to pilot season, according to Tim Adams of CBR

We were so excited to have a series on The CW where it finally acknowledged the Wonder family. Ultimately, this dynamic is where Diana Prince, Donna Troy, and Cassie Sandsmark all reside within superhero family structures in DC Comics.

If Wonder Girl had been introduced, then Yara would’ve joined Yolanda Montez in highlighting Latina superheroes on The CW.

The project is confirmed to no longer be in development by Dailyn Rodriguez on Twitter:

[Credit: Twitter – @dailynrod]

Who Is Yara Flor?

For those who don’t know who Yara is, let us explain. Now, we do have to stress that she is not your standard Amazon. She is a demigod of the Amazons of the Amazon in South America. Brazil to be specific.

Yara’s introduction comes new Future State comics series. She is the daughter of an Amazon and a Brazilian River god. Her story begins when Princess Diana of Themyscira no longer fights as Wonder Woman, according to her bio on the DC Database.

Had the Wonder Girl series gone ahead, it would have focused on the early years of Yara’s life. Though, where this would’ve sat within the Arrowverse is unknown. For all we know, the show might’ve been on a different Earth in the multiverse. Think of it as being like Stargirl or Swamp Thing.

Finally, from what research we’ve done on Yara, she is part of a new generation of the Justice League and becomes friends with Jon Kent.

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