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Women’s Empowerment: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Do As You Preach.

When you’re a global figure, you should know that actions speak louder than words. One bold example is if you’re campaigning for climate change, you need to practice what you preach. You can do this by not taking carbon-emitting aircraft or driving gas-guzzling cars. Also, it would be handy if rich people would stop telling us poorer people to make the Earth better by doing their bit.

Another example is if you’re talking about protecting the environment, do your part by recycling your aluminium soft drinks cans or replace plastic drinking straws with paper or metal ones. Moreover, this makes a big difference in the world.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows we have no love for the Sussexes and their actions. We had high hopes for them, but after seeing their public trashings of their families for fame and cash, it turned us off.

 Let’s not forget the private jets and gas-heavy cars they travel in while preaching about protecting the environment. Oh, and then there’s the whole fake award they were awarded for having only two children. It’s hypocrisy and a jab at William and Catherine for having three children. They need to realise that this is not Terra Nova. 

These two are supposed to be lingering examples of true blue environmentalists. Instead, they’re telling people to do as they say without doing the work themselves.

All people like the Sussexes want is the recognition and the praise they think they deserve when they haven’t done anything constructive. Simply talking about a massive topic doesn’t mean you’re doing anything about it.

If you want to fulfil the actions of what you’re telling others to do, join communities that don’t promote perks like meetings with A-listers and expensive getaways. Do something that doesn’t bring in money for a change.

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