Stargirl: Wait… Did Brainwave Seem Confused When He Woke Up?


Brainwave is now awake, but he seem confused when he woke up? We look into want could happen next…

Henry King Jr is about to become Brainwave Jr, but did his accidental killing of the family lawyer cause his father confusion when he woke up? This is what we’re going to examine as we prepare for this week’s episode of Stargirl.

Why would Dr King seem confused when he woke up from being in a coma for months? That’s what we’re about to find out. We’ve put together three theories and how likely they’re going to play out.

Theory #1: Stargirl’s Accidental Brain Scrambling Of Brainwave’s Mind Prompted Him To Lose His Powers

Now, this might seem a bit cliché, but there might be a possibility that when Courtney accidentally scrambled Dr King’s mind, she caused him to lose his powers. This might explain why he woke up confused. However, we also need to remember that he’s been in a coma for months.

We also know Henry discovered in the episode that Courtney was responsible for putting his father in the coma to begin with. Obviously, this didn’t go down too well given that she tried to explain that it wasn’t on purpose and that Henry Snr threatened to kill her mother.

Theory #2: Henry Jr Used His Powers To Wake His Dad Up Without Realising It

We know the relationship between the King father and son has always been frosty for lack of a better term. The doctor treats his child like dirt and then the jock treats Yolanda the same way after Cindy leaks her nudes despite him wanting them.

Henry Jr says to Cindy in ‘Shiv Part One’ that he feels as if he can wake his father up but cannot work out how. What if the killing of the lawyer somehow triggered Henry Snr’s brain to tell him it’s time to come out of the coma?

This would back up Junior hearing his old man’s voice in his mind in ‘Shiv Part Two’ and him going to the hospital, hoping using his powers wake his dad up.

Theory #3: Something Else Woke Henry Snr Up

Now, this theory might seem a bit far fetched but we thought we’d try it out. What if something else woke Brainwave up? After Cindy was taken away by her father’s drone hench-people, Dragon King say his daughter was wrong and that Henry Jr did have his dad’s powers. That was kinda the end of the thought train… or was it?

We know Dragon King is capable of a lot of things. He’s experimented on himself and on his daughter. He’s also the one building the machine for Icicle’s grand plan. So, what if by some weird intervention, Ito manipulates something that wakes OG Brainwave up?

Perhaps, Anaya Bowin’s violin playing works in only small bursts? She has been to see if she can wake Henry Snr up at least twice. We see her in the ‘Wildcat’ episode where Courtney and Yolanda spy her in Dr King’s hospital room. The second time is one we don’t actually see. Whitmore spies the principal on the phone and overhears part of her conversation in ‘Shiv Part One’.

Paula Brooks aka Tigress mentions that Anaya’s husband, the OG Fiddler could’ve woken Brainwave up. Now, since the Isaac’s dad isn’t in the picture for whatever reason, it’s up to his wife to take up his mantle. Mind you, these are just hunches.

Brainwave Woke Up As Part Of A Bigger Cliffhanger

Now that Henry Snr is awake, where does that put him and his son? Well, from what the synopsis for ‘Brainwave Jr’ tells us, Henry Jr is going to have to make a choice: ISA with his dad, JSA or neither side. Whatever he chooses, it will some sort of strain with the party he doesn’t pick going forward. Could this decision include something as bad as his dad killing his mother by accident?

We’ve already seen Henry Jr take his dad’s side. After watching Dr King’s progression videos into his powers, he references all the thoughts he heard and how he ended perverted lives for thinking disgusting things about women. However, when Junior is at the hospital, he begins hearing similar thoughts and concludes his father was right.

Courtney tries to talk to him, but ends up being forced out of the room. There’s going to be a load that we learn in the ‘Brainwave Jr’ episode and we’re there for it!

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