If The Woke Royals (aka H & MM) Are So Quick To Call The Royals And The UK Racist, Then Perhaps They Should Look At America’s History With Racism

The woke royals strike again…


Harry and Meghan are woke royals down to a tee. They talked a big game to Oprah where they said a member of the royal family questioned the colour of their future children’s skin. If Lady Colin Campbell is correct, then this was NOT the case at all. This conversation is perfectly normal for mix raced couples. Look at American political commentator Candace Owens as an example. Her husband is white so their son is mixed race but he has white skin. See the photo for proof and yes, that is Ms. Owens’ baby.

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What makes the woke royals so out of touch is how they criticise the British and hence, the royal family. But have they ever stopped to think about how much more racist America is? Yes, it might be Meghan’s home country, but if she had any brains, she’d know about the racial bias in the nation of her birth. Does she not know that segregation was a huge thing in America where black and white people were separated due to their skin colour, as per

Does Meghan not know about the horrible, torturous methods the Ku Klux Klan used on black people? If she thinks the comments she allegedly received were horrible. Maybe she should do a bit of research into her country’s past. Let’s not forget this is the same woman who said she was ‘naive’ about the paparazzi and the press ripping wannabe royals apart. Yeah, and she blogged about the ‘pomp and circumstance’ of the royal wedding of ‘Princess Kate’. Look at how well that’s come around to bite her.

The Last Known Survivor Of The Transatlantic Slave Trade


Smithsonian Magazine published a fascinating piece in March 2020 on the last known survivor of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Matilda McCrear.

At the age of just two years old, Matilda was kidnapped from the Yoruba People of West Africa alongside her mother and three sisters. They were captured by traders and were placed aboard the Clotilda, the last-known slave ship to dock in the U.S. In the dead of night, the ship was docked in Mobile, Atlanta. Her brothers were left in West Africa.

Matilda’s existence was a surprise to researchers. Three years before her death in 1940, it was believed the last known survivor of the Transatlantic Slave Trade was a woman named Redoshi who died in 1937. McCrear didn’t appear in video footage, nor was there an obituary or any entry in history books.

Researcher Hannah Durkin of Newcastle University found a single interview from the Selma Times-Journal from 1931. It mentions Matilda tried to get compensation as a survivor of the Clotilda ship.

What is made clear by the Smithsonian Magazine article, is that Congress had abolished the international slave trade some fifty years before Matilda’s birth. Therefore, it was illegal for slaves to be bought in from overseas. However, the slavers who captured McCrear, her mother, and her sisters didn’t appear to care.

The 13th Amendment of the American Constitution which put an end to slavery was in place by 1865 when Matilda was still a child. However, her family continued their work as sharecroppers. Two of her sisters had been bought by another slave owner upon their arrival into the country. Matilda changed her name from Creagh to McCrear. She also displayed a defiance and determination by keeping her hair in a traditional Yoruba hairstyle.

The Racial Injustices Attached To Matilda McCrear’s Story And The Present Day With Meghan’s Racism Claims

Hannah Durkin says the following:

McCrear’s long-term relationship with [Jacob] Schuler should be read as a major act of resistance to racist laws forbidding black and white people from marrying that were in place throughout the South until the U.S. Supreme Court declared them unconstitutional in … 1967.

Jacob Schuler, according to National Geographic, was a white German man who worked as a bookbinder with whom Matilda had 7 children. She had other children, the first of whom was a daughter named Eliza to a white man named Bob Mose when she [Matilda] was just fourteen. She went on to have other mix raced daughters. However, the details surrounding McCrear becoming a teenage mother are unclear. Four of her children had perished as babies.

The very fact that Matilda was in a long-time relationship with a white man she clearly had some affection for as she spent 17 years with him but wasn’t allowed to marry him given their different skin colour is seen as a massive racial injustice.

Meghan claims racism from the royal family but if they were truly racist, she would never have been allowed to marry Harry in any form. This includes if he threatened to elope with her behind his grandmother’s back like it has been claimed. Let’s not forget that if it hadn’t been pushed so much, then they wouldn’t have gotten married in a church as she was divorced from Trevor Engelson. Not to mention, she has not suffered the racial injustices Matilda McCrear did. MM was never a slave to her in-laws. she willingly pursued her husband until she got what she wanted.

Matilda never got the choice to pick the way she lived most of her life. Meghan does. She picked a life of privilege and being a working royal over being an actress.

Far-Right Groups Targeted Black British People In The 1970s And 1980s

photo of people doing protest
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It’s no secret that Meghan is a democrat as she ‘hinted’ at supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris during a video she and her husband did last year. This ultimately means she is a leftist in regards to political ideologies in America. However, did she not think about the racism from the UK’s far-right in the 1970s and 80s when she accused all of the British media and her in-laws of being racist?

According to the Social Issues Research Centre in an article dating back to May 2015, in the 1970s and 80s in the UK, Far Right groups such as the National Front were responsible for racist attacks, especially racial slurs against black footballers.

The National Front might be a minor political party in the UK but it supports the likes of Neo Nazism and White Supremacy. Not to mention it is well known for denying that the Holocaust happened. They are also against homosexuality and mixed race marriages. At one point in the 70s, they believed that profession of teaching was “full of Communists.”

What Does Any Of This Have To Do With Meghan And Harry?

Now, we know what you’re probably thinking. What the HELL does this have to do with Harry and Meghan? Let’s look at the facts… shall, we? In February 2018, the Guardian reported that a racist letter containing white powder (believed to be Anthrax) was sent to St James Palace, a couple of months prior to the May 2018 wedding. The situation was investigated by counter-terrorism officers with Scotland Yard as a racist hate crime. However, it turned out not to be Anthrax.

This was not the first racist attack against Meghan in that time. A package was intercepted at Westminster. Now, when you look at the information we provided above about the far-right movement in the UK, it sounds like someone within an associated group – not necessarily the National Front – was responsible for the attempted attack on the then-royal fiancée.

Note, not all people in the UK who serve a particular political agenda or anything close to it agree with everything that is said.

As far as Meghan is concerned, the racism against her was minimal if not non-existent. When she was first on the scene, the press adored her because she made Harry happy. The press from the wedding and the later Australia tour was overwhelmingly positive. Yes, there were the occasional racist headline but if you look at the headlines in the Oprah interview, the editors purposely edited them as mentioned by Cosmopolitan. This also paints the interview as playing the couple as victims.

Only extremists would’ve wanted to attack Meghan because of her ethnicity.

Also, we recall the massive crowd turnout in Windsor on the day of the wedding. Check out the below photos:

If the whole of the UK is racist, then why did this many people show up to congratulate the woke royals?

Ku Klux Klan Brutality

One of the most famous hate groups in the United States is the Ku Klux Klan. While they still exist today, you don’t hear a lot about them. But, back when they were heavily active, they targeted African-Americans, homosexuality, leftists, Jews, immigrants, Muslims, Catholics, and atheists.

If Meghan believes she was racially abused, then she didn’t suffer the same fate as a lot of African-Americans who were targets of the KKK. In fact, she doesn’t know the definition of ‘racial oppression’.

According to, the KKK ran an underground operation from 1867 when black people started to take a more active role in public life. It became one of the most radical parts of the Reconstruction. This was due to members of African-American community winning elections, especially in Congress in southern state governments. The Klan vowed violence against both black and white voters in an attempt to keep white supremacy running in the South of the U.S.

It became so bad that over 10% of black legislators found themselves as targets during the 1867-1868 constitutional conventions. Seven people were killed.

In January of 1871, 500 men in masks attacked a Union county prison in South Carolina and lynched 8 prisoners who happened to be black.

Meghan Is Not A True Victim Of Racism

Meghan might be smart, but she doesn’t understand what it actually means to be racially abused. She grew up around white people. Raised by a Caucasian father and had half-siblings. It wasn’t until she an adult in her 30s did she begin identifying as mixed race. She would’ve been shielded by her family as a child against such attacks.

She uses the race card for sympathy because she believes she is the saviour of the black community. Sorry, but you’re not. You don’t consider the black people in your family, let alone other black people who have actually been racially abused. Also, Meghan, you do not look black and there was a slim chance your children would have dark skin. This is not just us saying that and we’re not black. Actual black people have said it. Youtuber PDina has said it numerous times.

Meghan doesn’t know what it means to think about other people who are truly black. We’ve talked about this before but does mean the black people in the UK who don’t agree with her thoughts are racist? No, it doesn’t. Markle and Harry’s newfound ideologues make them out to be woke royals.

Victims who survive hate groups like the KKK understand the true definition of racial opposition. Meghan and Harry do not. It is simply another bandwagon for them.

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