Royal Biographer Slams Meghan For Making Prince Harry Follow Her ‘Woke’ Ways


Meghan Markle has been slammed by a royal biographer for pushing her woke way of life onto Prince Harry…

It feels as if we’ve used every single photo of Meghan and Harry on the blog and yet, we’re only just getting started. The whole we’re here is because royal biographer, Angela Levin has said that the former Suits actress has practically stuffed her woke way of life down her husband’s throat, according to

Now, for those who aren’t sure what ‘woke’ means, here’s a quick rundown:

Alert to injustice in society, especially racism; we need to stay angry, and stay woke | does being woke mean I have to agree with what all other woke folks say should be done about issues in the black community? \ the West Coast has the wokest dudes.

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Now, we want to stress that being ‘woke’ is not necessarily a bad thing. However with Meghan, she is trying to champion causes that don’t concern her. In saying this, she is pushing things down Harry’s throat that he probably isn’t even passionate about.

There’s a simple rule in life that is, there’s only so many causes you can champion in one lifetime. Unless Megan has found a way to live forever, her woke attitude is not making her into Prince Diana. In fact, it’s making her look like a copycat.

Princess Diana’s Biggest Passions

[Credit: The Mirror]

Meghan might claim she didn’t know who Harry or the royal family were before this was a massive lie. According to her ex-best friend, Ninaki Priddy revealed the former actress had an obsession with the royals and in particular, Princess Diana and aimed to be the new incarnation of her late mother-in-law.

The late Princess of Wales had a strong passion for meeting people, particularly children with HIV/AIDS. She broke down the stereotype that existed at the time where the community believed it was infectious by touch.

She wasn’t afraid to hug HIV-positive people and would often pick up infected children and carry them around during her visits. Diana also had a passion for helping the homeless.

You don’t see Meghan championing any of these causes. If she cared about the homeless at all, she wouldn’t have kicked the homeless off the streets the day of her wedding.

Harry has done the same walk his mother did with the landmines and was proud (at the time) to follow in her footsteps. Since his marriage to Meghan, he has only championed charities that she wants him to. Diana would be rolling in her grave if she could see what has been going on.

Angela Levin Thinks Harry Considers Himself Second To His Woke Wife

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[Credit: Daily Mail]

Prince Harry has been reduced to second best when it comes to his wife. This is the opinion of his biographer, Angela Levin who says the following:

Of course, he would not be the first man to be besotted with a beautiful woman with a different agenda that he then meekly adopts as his own. [Harry] seems to accept being second to Meghan.

Angela Levin on Harry seeing himself being second to Meghan

Levin raises a good point. It appears that from the beginning, Harry has pushed aside his passions in order to appease his woke wife’s agenda to be world famous. The former actress puts works into his mouth that make it sound like they’re his when they’re really hers.

Any speech Harry has given in the last few months don’t sound anything like him. When he addressed Megxit last year, he says ‘my wife and I’ and not ‘Meghan and I’. It seems that he does not want to anger her chooses to refer to Meggy as ‘my wife’. Note, we’re being sarcastic here.

During the article, Angela says that the biggest change to the Harry she knows is how his accent has become noticeably more American. In the first true blue podcast episode the Sussexes did for ‘Archewell Audio’. He pronounces things like his wife since she is from America. It’s under Levin’s observation that he is trying to fit into his new home by losing what makes him unique; his British accent.

Levin also points out that she herself feels disappointed in who Harry has become. She sees him as wanting the fame and that being a celebrity is not forever while being a royal is.

Does Harry Miss His Old Life?

[Credit: Hello Magazine]

Before woke Meghan crashed into his life, Harry had a ton of support and love from his friends. He adored being an uncle to George and Charlotte and would often pay them visits. Mind you, this is pre-Prince Louis who was born during the Markle era.

When he and Meghan were in the UK, Harry stopped visiting his brother and his family. We can just imagine what George and Charlotte would be thinking. They probably asked where their uncle was and their parents would have to explain he was with his lady friend.

Also, when Megxit occurred, Harry was forced to give up his role with the military which he didn’t want to do, but his grandmother forced him. You cannot be half-in, half-out of the family. If they really wanted out to leave, the prince could not keep his military honours.

At the least the Queen had guts to tell the Sussxes what’s what and not allow them to throw tantrums over not getting what they felt they deserved.

Before Meghan, Harry appreciated where he sat in the the line of succession. However, this changed when she arrived and seem to give him more of an edge to challenge his ‘importance’. Do his uncles Andrew and Edward and aunt Anne complain about where they sit? No or at least, not publicly. If anything, they’re grateful to not be full-on senior royals.

Being second to a more important and somewhat successful sibling is not fun, but Harry should’ve known his place well before Meghan came into the picture. Screw popularity. As Prince Philip once said to Diana, “It’s not a popularity contest.” He’s not wrong there.

So, to answer the question. We think Harry does miss his old life to an extent but remains. within the boundaries of being woke.

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