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Home And Away: Everyone Turns On Colby!

Witness X

Colby is sinking in his own crime and there’s no coming back as a mysterious person close to him becomes known as Witness X…

Witness X. Who are they and why did they turn on Summer Bay’s resident cop, Colby Thorne? Next week is when we’ll find out. For a few weeks, Detective Angelo Rosetta has been chasing leads that lead him nowhere. He has recently learned that his wife, Taylor has been sleeping with the lead suspect in the murder investigation of Ross Nixon.

Of all the people that know about what Colby did to his stepfather, none of them would turn on him… would they? Each person has a reason for turning on the once honourable cop, but who could it be and why have been given the Witness X identity? It’s not like Thorne is going to kill them.

We’ve come up with two similar theories, both including Heath Braxton. The first was about Colby dying in a prison break and the second is he gets killed behind bars by one of Ross’ mates. Let’s take a look at the motives of those who do know and whether they would turn on him.


Dean might be Colby’s best mate, but he’s had his own issues to deal with, especially when it comes to his newfound son, Jai. Not to mention, he lost girlfriend Ziggy because he was forced to confess to her of his role in Ross’ murder.

Colby’s cocky attitude has pushed Dean to breaking point and it’s been jeopardising any chance he has of forming a relationship with his son. But is he Witness X?

We would have to say… maybe. Dean’s perception of Colby has been negative as of late as he’s been trying to protect Jai from any fallout if it were to get out.


Ziggy, as far as we know doesn’t know as much about what happened to Ross as Dean does. Though, he did tell her what occurred and that Colby killed his stepdad. She hasn’t been embroiled too much in the murder storyline so it’s unlikely she’s Witness X.


Colby’s original plan was get Angelo’s wife, Taylor on side to see if she would unwittingly give up any information on the case. They embarked on an affair which her husband has only just discovered and it’s gotten messy and fast.

Angelo gave his wife a necklace with a secret listening device to see if Colby would slip up. This is ultimately how the disgraced detective (who killed Jack Holden) discovered the affair, according to Back to the Bay.

Taylor knows that Colby is involved in Ross’ death, but she keeps getting shielded. Could this mean that she is Witness X?

She might know more than she’s letting on and coming clean might push her back onto Angelo’s side.


Now, Willow is unlikely to be the one who told on Colby. She wants the whole thing over with too, but she’s always been the voice of reason for her family. But also, what would she have to gain from being Witness X?


Ross was Bella’s father who killed her and Colby’s mother and took off with her. He then shows up and kidnaps her, Chelsea (Colby’s now ex-wife) and Willow. He also shoots his stepson’s friend before telling him to choose between his sister or his wife.

Bella has also told her boyfriend, Nikau (more on that in a minute) about it too. She had no love for her father for what he did and yet, she has protected her brother all this time. Would she betray him?


Bella’s boyfriend, Nikau has his reasons for hating Colby, but does he hate him so much to rat him out? He would do anything to protect his girlfriend from harm. In the promo for next week, Dean grabs him and tries to get him to confess. Could he have done it to get Bella to go to New Zealand with him?

Who Do We Think Witness X Is?

Given that everyone has a motive, it could be anyone. If we’re honest, we think it might be Taylor.

We don’t really have a reason for it, it’s jus the vibe we’re getting.

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