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The Bold And The Beautiful: Thomas The Wise


Wise is the last word we thought we’d associate with Thomas…

We never thought in a million years that we’d use the word ‘wise’ to describe Thomas Forrester. Though, we are so here we are. Moving into this this article, we wanted to put a fresh spin on the situation with ol’ Tommy boy.

His newfound wise persona has surprised us in a way we never thought. He is sincere and kind and no longer obsessed with Hope. This is actually really refreshing for him though his attitude toward Liam we didn’t expect would be any different.

Thomas is actually encouraging Hope to forgive her waffling husband. Before he knocked his head and got his brain injury, he would be screaming from the rooftops that Liam doesn’t deserve her. Not wrong there, dude man.

What surprised us was how he actually admits to Hope that his opinion has never changed and likely never will. He refuses to accept Liam for Hope or Steffy and it’s easy to see why. Basically, he hates all the Spencers, though it’s unclear how he feels about Wyatt.

Thomas The Wise Turns Over A New Leaf?

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We never thought we’d have a heading called ‘Thomas the wise’. Though, everything he is saying couldn’t be further from the truth. All Liam does is use Hope and Steffy and pit them against each other. When something happens with one, he circles back to the other and the cycle just continues.

Hope is probably as surprised as we were when Thomas says she has to take him back. She questions the idea by saying that he thinks her husband isn’t good for her (obviously) but he wants her to take him [Liam] back. Tom explains that it doesn’t matter what he thinks given his rival hates his guts and it won’t change any time soon or ever.

Maybe the guy’s beard is what is making him wise and not the knock to the head. Penny for your thoughts, anyone? Anywho, he is putting Hope’s feelings for Liam ahead of his own and that’s saying he’s basically turned over a new leaf. What will happen with the paternity test that Steffy is about to have? Who knows.

Will someone swap the results so Finn is the father and not Liam? Who knows at this point. Will Thomas go and swap the results? We hope not as it would unravel all his progress.

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