Winkleman & Markle: Why The Two Actresses Who Married Into The Royal Family Have Had Different Experiences


Meghan Markle thinks she is a one-of-a-kind actress for marrying royalty. She thought wrong as Sophie Winkleman married the son of The Queen’s cousin long before she even entered the scene…

As a daughter-in-law of the future King of England, Meghan Markle thought she was special. She married royalty and was an actress for almost twenty years. However, she is not the first performer to marry into the British Royal Family. Meet Sophie Winkleman. She is in the same career field the Duchess of Sussex was but she doesn’t act out of spite or jealously.

Sophie married Lord Frederick Windsor in 2009 and became known in royal circles as Lady Frederick Windsor. However, unlike Meghan, she was able to maintain her career as an actress because her husband is not in direct line for the throne.

Lord Frederick is 49th in the line of succession meaning he’ll never actually take the throne. Meghan’s husband, who is Prince Harry, is 6th as he is the second son of the heir apparent and the Queen’s eldest son, Prince Charles.

When she and Harry became engaged, Meghan and her then-fiancée had the option of living a normal life where she could continue acting. They refused the offer and the Queen gave her grandson a dukedom and he became His Royal Highness The Duke of Sussex. His wife became the female counterpart, becoming The Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan and Harry complained for two years about harassment and not being taken seriously. Then, there were stories involving jealousy of Prince William and Catherine, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Sussexes claiming to be ‘more popular’ than the couple who were more important.

Winkleman spoke out about her own experiences as a royal wife and how pleasant it has been for her. She credits her in-laws and Prince Charles for welcoming her all those years ago. This is not the way Meghan sees it.

“They Hate Me Because I’m Biracial.”

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In Meghan’s eyes, the royal hated her because she is biracial. No, this is NOT the reason she was disliked. It is her ‘Me Me Me’ attitude. She also disrespected staff and threw tantrums when things weren’t done the way she wanted.

Sophie isn’t like this at all. She respects where her husband sits in the line of succession. Race has nothing to do with behaviour. Winkleman understands that Fredrick will never be king and she doesn’t care about titles.

It should be noted too that Winkleman and her husband don’t work for the Queen. The higher up you are, the more likely you can work for Her Majesty.

Winkleman and Frederick both have their own careers and don’t have to worry about ascending the throne. Meghan would argue that the reason Sophie is not coping it from the royal family is because she is white. Ah… no. She does not treat people like crap and doesn’t talk down to staff.

Meghan’s Ego Trip

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Meghan has a massive ego and believes that she is worthy of an A-list life. There have been horror stories where staff have either come out that she was horrible to them or they quit because of her behaviour.

There were even stories of nannies being sacked after just one night because of paranoia and ‘unprofessional’ behaviour. The only unprofessionalism we see Meghan and Harry. Why would you hire a night nurse and then fire them two nights later? Were they terrified that Archie was going to be stolen in the dead of night? Was there a bigger secret and they didn’t want getting out?

Whatever the case, Meghan’s ego is what is fuelling everything she and Harry do. Your never catch Sophie Winkleman flaunting her privilege the way the Sussexes do.

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