Talk About Diva Antics: Meghan Markle Wanted To Live At Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

So… Nottingham Cottage and Frogmore Cottage wasn’t good enough? Meghan Markle wanted to live out her fairytale as a royal in Windsor Castle…

Windsor Castle is now confirmed to be Meghan Markle’s preferred preference of royal home when she married Prince Harry. According to the Express, the Duchess of Sussex wanted to live in the castle that will become Prince Charles’. This rumour has been around a while but has only just been revealed to be true.

It is believed that Windsor Castle is one of The Queen’s favourite residences. Apprently, Meghan wanted Harry to ‘have a word’ to his grandmother about it. The request was ‘politely’ rejected. Okay… then. Doesn’t anyone remember the rumour or speculation – whatever you want to call it – when Markle demanded that she and Harry have the entirety of Admiralty House during short stay in Sydney?

So, if Meghan only wanted a wing of Windsor Castle, why did she complain when she was told she could have a wing of Admiralty House during her short visit? Was because the castle’s wing was bigger? We all know that when it comes to Markle, the bigger the better. Though, it’s kinda surprising she didn’t want to live in Buckingham Palace. After all, it is the centrepiece of London for the royal family.

If we were Meghan, we would just be happy with whatever home the Queen gave us. We would be grateful and wouldn’t complain about the size or that we really want something we know we will never have. Finally, it has been reported that the Sussexes felt isolated from everyone at Frogmore Cottage despite being ‘delighted’ to call it home. Also, Nottingham Cottage was reportedly too small for Markle’s tastes.

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