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Home And Away: Willow Returns To Summer Bay And Brings Amber With Her


We knew Willow would return to Summer Bay but we didn’t expect her to bring the previously MIA Amber…

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken about Willow, Amber, and little Jai. We knew the former manager of the gym would return but we didn’t know how this would happen… until now.

Back to the Bay reports in its weekly episode spoilers that there is a possible downward spiral courtesy of Dean and this brings Willow and Amber back. Though, where does this put little Jai? We’ve speculated that it’s possible the boy might not even be Thompson’s. Whether this is the case, we won’t know for a while yet. Again, this is a rumour that we’ve heard down the Home and Away speculation grapevine.

It’s been reported also that Willow and Amber will make their grand return in this Thursday’s triple episode.

Remind Us Again… What Happened With Willow And Amber Before?

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Going towards the later part of last year, Amber dropped a bombshell on Dean; he was the father of her five-year-old son, Jai. They agreed – to Thompson’s reluctance – to keep the truth from the child until he was ready. However, the little guy pieced the whole thing together really quickly and reveals to his parents that he knows who his father is.

Things take a dive when Dean’s involvement with Colby’s killing of his stepfather Ross that becomes a point of concern for Amber. When it suddenly becomes too much, she takes the boy and bolts, telling the new dad that he will never see his son again.

This destroys Dean as he has had to endure a lot during this time. Ziggy finds out about his involvement in Ross’ death and she breaks off their relationship. Her worry over him standing so much time Amber and Jai also plays into the break up.

Going over to Willow, her hasty departure comes when she is revealed to be Witness X during Colby’s murder trial. She is the reason why he ended up behind bars. When this was revealed in the court room, it causes Dean to explode with rage and it devastates Bella.

Willow didn’t want to be a snitch but she had no other choice as Colby’s behaviour was becoming cocky and self-assured that Angelo wouldn’t catch him. She claims to have gone to Rosetta to stop her friend from spiralling further.

This didn’t go down too well with Dean and Bella who considered her a traitor. This prompted her to leave with only Irene, Jasmine, and John to see her off.

Could Willow Have Convinced Amber To Give Dean Another Shot?

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Home and Away‘s writers usually don’t anything without a reason so that begs the question. Could Willow have convinced Amber to allow Dean to be in Jai’s life again and is this the explanation why they’re making a return?

It’s likely as there is a high possibility that Jai joins his mother in reuniting with Dean. Though, there be a little more to it. It may be the one thing that sees Willow get back into at least Dean’s good graces. It’s unclear how Bella will react to seeing her again.

All this comes off the back of Colby’s final hurrah which sees him charged for the murder of an inmate after he is once again targeted and placed in solitary confinement.

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