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Home And Away: Witness X Revealed!


Willow has been revealed to be Witness X but there’s one underlying question; why did she betray her best friend?

Earlier today, we posted about whether Witness X has been revealed. Well, after our blunder in thinking Taylor Rosetta was the mole, we wanted to correct it by writing the above linked article. Sorry about that. Anyway, the real rat has been unveiled and it’s the last person we suspected; Willow, Colby’s best female friend. However, we still have one question. Why?

There could be any number of reasons why Willow chose to get the confession for Angelo. Here’s a few we came up with:

  • Something happened to her dad and she needs the money
  • She couldn’t live with the guilt knowing Colby did something so horrible
  • Angelo blackmailed her into getting a confession because she is the last person Colby would even consider betraying him

These are just three reasons of a million. Willow will have her time on the stand next week and when Colby, Dean, and Bella see her walk in, it’s going to shock them.

From the promo, Dean is forced to hold a devastated Bella back as Willow is revealed to be Witness X.

Willow Is Not A Terrible Person

Now, we know Willow isn’t a terrible person. She has stuck by Colby and Dean through a lot. Before Bella was thrown back into the mix, she was their sister, the one who told them to pull their heads in. But now she is risking everything including the makeshift family they’ve formed.

In conclusion, for Willow to be Witness X she must have some major secret if she was willing to betray her friends. It’s clear from the moment she tears the listening device out from under her clothing that she feels awful. What is her reasoning? We’ll find out next week.

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