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Home And Away: Is Willow Gone For Good? Is This The Last We’ve Seen Of Colby?


Wait… did we just see a departure times two?

Tonight’s episode of Home and Away was topped with drama and it’s only Tuesday! We still have Wednesday and Thursday to go! But, did we see Willow issue her departure notice? Also, is this the last we’ve seen of Colby? Let’s discuss it!

With her identity as Witness X out of the bag, Willow is forced to face the consequences of her actions. Dean and Bella want absolutely nothing to do with her and the only people sympathetic towards her are Jasmine and Irene. Realising that, she needs to go away for a while, Will packs her bags and issues her two room mates a departure.

There has been nothing to indicate that Sarah Roberts who plays Willow has left. Though, to be honest, we haven’t been keeping tabs on that dreaded departure list on the Wikipedia page. Yes, we use it.

Also, have we seen the last of Colby? Yes, what he did was wrong and Willow did the right thing. However, it was going to tear their family apart no matter what happened. That is what Ross’ goal was; to turn his stepson into being similar to him.

As we’ve stated before, Tim Franklin hasn’t been seen on set in months. We’ve had two theories thought out; Colby dies in a prison break or Ross’ mates kill him. It may not even be this. It’s just nice to have an idea of where this story might be heading. If our first theory is correct even by a little, it would explain why Heath is returning. Also, he may give more context into why Angelo had it in for Colby for to begin with.

It’s clear Angelo has no love for the River Boys. We know he sold his restaurant which is now Salt to Brax who then sold it (once he left town) to Brody who made it what it is now. He then sold it Mac once he too had left town.

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