Why You Should Wash Your Face After Using Micellar Water

Micellar Water

Washing your face should be something you do everyday. However, if you use Micellar Water to do so, you may need to rethink what you do afterwards…

Micellar Water has become a massive hit and every skincare brand is getting in on the craze. Those of us here at Project Fangirl love it so much that we bought a ‘value pack’ of Garnier’s version of the product. We’re using the all skin types one when we should really use the oily skin type. Anyway, we’re here to go over why you should wash your face after using Micellar Water.

Cleaner Feeling Skin

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Nothing beats the feeling of a freshly washed face as the face wash begins to work its magic. What makes the experience worthwhile is knowing you’ve found the right product for you.

For us, Micellar Water has become an important part of our face washing ritual. We often wash our face in the evening before a shower. It’s occasional that we’ll use the product twice a day. We use a makeup removal pad to apply the merchandise.

However, we’ve found if we apply too much, it runs down our faces. This is not the reason we’re saying wash your face after application.

Our Reason

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So, what is our reason for washing the face after using Micellar Water? When you apply the substance, it might feel good to bring with, but your face might feel different. How? The liquid runs down the face and feels like you’re crying from places on your face that are not your eyes.

As weird as it might sound, if you wash your face using Micellar Water and then have a shower, be sure to use your regular facewash too. It will make your face feel so much cleaner. The ads for the Garnier product might seem seem, but you need to decide whether it’s as simple as it appears yourself.


It should always been the consumer’s job to determine how to proceed in washing their face. They should not listen to the advertisements and use their own common sense. Wash your face is a task that should be done daily, no matter how busy your schedule.

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