Why We’ve Found A New Appreciation For Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian Klan have been in the tabloids almost every week. From Kim’s sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Ray J to Khloé’s relationship with her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson to all the other Kardashian/Jenner-related news.

However, in the last week, Kim has once again stunned the world saying she wants to be a lawyer. For those who aren’t up to par with the Kardashians, Kim’s ambition isn’t at all outrageous. Her late father, Robert Kardashian Senior was a lawyer who defended O.J. Simpson in the court case which alleged he killed his ex-wife, Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.

 The BBC says the decision to enter the legal profession came to Kardashian’s attention when she spoke with President Donald Trump to have Alice Marie Johnson, a grandmother released after she was jailed in 1996 for cocaine possession. Apparently, Trump isn’t heartless. Given he’s the president, he has the power to grant clemency to anyone convicted under federal law.


I never made it a secret I didn’t like the Kardashians. As far as I was concerned, they made their cash when Kim’s sex tape leaked and their brand exploded. I also knew Kim’s second marriage to Kris Humphries wouldn’t last.

Now that Kim is showing the world she isn’t ditzy and just in for the cash, I can respect her. That still doesn’t mean I have to like her and her family. The only person I ever respect is her former step-parent, Caitlyn.

With that said, Kim’s newfound love of law and defending innocent people is a real eye-opener for anyone who doesn’t consider Kardashians are famous. I would be one of those people. Part of me is glad Kim is helping people that aren’t as wealthy as she is.

Was Her Dad A Good Influence?

Despite what you witness on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim’s interest in law might have come from her late father, Robert. According to Craig Bennett on Studio 10, she used to sneak into her dad’s office when he was a lawyer for OJ Simpson and read the documents on the case.

This begs whether Robert served as an inspiration to Kim. If this is true, we’d say yes. The reason for this is he taught her people need legal help because they’ve been framed for something they didn’t do.

The evidence of this is evident when Kim went to Trump to get Alice Johnson out of jail and succeeding in her task. Her dad would be so proud of her!


Despite what you might think of Kardashian West, you need to admire her for wanting to help people. She may come across as ditzy but she wants to see good in the world. We can’t blame her. Thank you, Kim for opening our eyes.

What’s your view on Kim’s newest business venture? Don’t forget to comment below!

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