Why We L-O-V-E Jacinda Ardern!

Jacinda Ardern

Politics are boring, complicated and plain cruel at the best of times. But, Jacinda Ardern isn’t your average politician.

She’s the Prime Minister who has gone above and beyond for the people of New Zealand. Since the Christchurch massacre, Jacinda Ardern has met with survivors and their families to help them heal in a time of great sorrow.

Ardern is a woman of her word. She said she would help the people of her country and she has. Unlike her Australian counterparts, she doesn’t stab people in the back and she cares about her country and visited survivors and their families to offer her condolences because she wants to.

We don’t hear the New Zealand parliament calling her out on her false promises. There are no faking out here. Ms. Ardern is a genuine leader who puts her people before her policies. When she says she’ll do something, she takes action. She doesn’t leave people hanging and doesn’t criticise other people based on their views.

What we love about Jacinda is she’s a real person with real feelings who cares. She’s also a mother and a partner who sees the world differently from other politicians. Ms. Ardern wants New Zealand to be better for all families, not just her own. She wants everyone to have lives that are worth living and having racists and criminals galore isn’t one of her end goals for New Zealand.

Every country needs a leader who appreciates their country. They need leaders who put their country before anything else. These so-called leaders need to stop belittling each other every day and fulfil their promises. The reason Australia has so many Prime Ministers is that the opposing side digs up skeletons.

What’s your view of Jacinda and her dealing of the Christchurch massacre? Let us know below!

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