Why There Will NEVER Be A “Princess” Meghan


Meghan will never be “Princess of Wales”.

There is nothing worse than a delusional fanbase. The Sussex Squad is simply that; delusional down to the latter. Now, across this thing we call the interweb, the conversation regarding the Sussexes is declining. Though talk about the dukedom remains. We’ve spoken previously regarding why Harry will never lose his title. Though, he is not the reason we’re here. It’s Meghan we’re going to be discussing, and it has to do with why she will never be a princess.

Before we begin, we need to take time to reflect on the conversation we’re about to have. The discussion has zero to do with race, sex, or nationality. Furthermore, this will be all about presenting facts.

Launching into the post, we want to say that we’re aware some Sugars read our content. We have no issue with this as sharing is caring. However, you need to realise that your idol and goddess, Meghan, is not who she claims to be. She may claim she has been a princess, but she has never carried that title and never will.

No, Meghan Is Not The Princess Of Wales If The Dukedom Of Sussex Is Taken Away

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What little girl doesn’t have dreams of marrying a handsome prince and being swept off their feet to their happily ever after? Meghan did, and she got her desire even if she had to pull some strings. However, there is one thing she didn’t get; the title of “princess”.

Yes, Harry is royalty, but his father is the heir to the throne. Hence, the title. As evident by the Oprah interview, Meghan sees herself as Ariel who lost voice before regaining it and marrying the prince. What she doesn’t realise is the mermaid was born a princess as her father is King Triton.

A large portion of the Sugars cannot comprehend that Harry will not be the Prince of Wales. Yes, once upon a time, he was “Prince Henry of Wales”. However, when he married, the designation ‘Wales’ was dropped.

Click Mag reports that UK princesses are blood born meaning, they receive their title at birth. Examples of this are Anne, Beatrice, Eugenie, Charlotte. 

Therefore, if a woman marries a prince who does not receive a dukedom or an earldom, the woman becomes Princess XX of YY. If Her Majesty had not given the dukedom to Harry, Meghan would’ve become Princess Henry of Wales. However, she is not “Princess Meghan”. Nor is she the “Princess of Wales”.

“Princess of Wales” is only reserved for the wife of the heir to the throne, meaning Prince Charles. Currently, Camilla holds the title. But, she chooses not to use it as that is what Diana is known to be.

Catherine Will Be The Wife Of The Prince Of Wales

Catherine; princess
[Credit: The Today Show]

Whether the Sussex Squad realises it or not, Catherine will be the Princess of Wales. Charles will become King, and Harry still will not be anywhere near the throne.

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