Why People Are Losing Respect For Prince Harry

It’s been a two-way street since Prince Harry married American actress Meghan Markle. They’ve taken the world for a ride with all the drama they have stirred up for no reason. However, we’re not going to talking about the issues with the Duchess of Sussex. We’re going to be discussing what’s going on with the Duke.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex has been called many things since her relationship with Britain’s beloved son, Prince Harry surfaced. In the few years since, the couple have gotten engaged, married and had an adorable little boy, Archie. However, it has come at a price. The media and the public have turned on them in spectacular fashion with everything from the way staff were treated to catching the palace off guard with their ‘leaving of the toxic royal family’ tripe. People have began to lose respect for the man who walked behind his mother’s coffin at age 12 in front of the whole world.

Before you all criticise, this is just OUR opinion and has nothing to do with the rest of the universe.

Defending Meghan’s Every Demand

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We understand that Harry wants to protect Meghan, but it’s clear the woman has a totally different agenda to what he thought. She instantly believed that she would become the next Princess Diana and become beloved by the world. How very wrong she was.

As they were planning their wedding, it was reported that Meghan wanted to wear an emerald encrusted tiara with her wedding dress. When her request was rejected, Harry, wanting to make his bride-to-be happy, reportedly said, “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets”. The Queen allegedly was forced to pull her grandson aside and told him that his fiancée could not have what she wanted. Apparently, the monarch didn’t want her to wear something that was ‘potentially from Russia’. It was even rumoured that the headpiece was meant to be the one that Princess Eugenie wore on her wedding day.

Harry should have told Meghan to mind her manners in front of his family and those who work to keep it functioning. But, he didn’t and it grew into something that the tabloids could make sound even worse than it likely was.

Lost In America

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Long before he met and married Meghan, Harry had a respectable military career that ended after his safety was compromised when someone leaked his location to the press. Though, there are rumours that he chose to leave.

In the army, his fellow servicemen and women had great respect for him as he was one of them and for once, his title as a Prince of the United Kingdom didn’t apply. However, since having given up being a working royal and serving his grandmother, Harry can no longer have any form of ties to the army. Though, he still has his titles to hang onto.

Since leaving his family behind, Harry has become somewhat lost. His wife is now back in an environment where she is most comfortable: Los Angeles while he is out of his depth. He is being deprived of the structure he has had all his life.

Meghan’s army of fans will argue that the former actress gave up her career and her life in America for Harry to be a duchess upon marriage in the UK. Where does that put the prince? He doesn’t have a job and hasn’t been able to find one since the pandemic hit. Also, there are reports that he hasn’t made any friends in America.

While Meghan still has a load of friends from her acting days, Harry has been left behind so she can return to her lavish life that she left almost five years ago for him. She expects him to follow her around like a lost puppy and is always holding her hand to show their unity in public.

Meghan Runs The Show AKA Their Marriage

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Marriage is supposed to be about compromise. Meghan knew what she was getting herself into when she and Harry got together. Also, where does she get off in saying she didn’t know who he was when they started dating? She claims to be a massive fan of his mother, Princess Diana but didn’t realise he was her son? Please, spare us! She plotted to get him and she succeeded big time.

Also, it wouldn’t have been Harry’s idea to move to LA. All of his life has been in the UK. Meghan lived between Canada and the US when she starred in Suits. The prince has zero long-term ties on US soil except charity work.

It is not about pointing fingers who took whom from their family, but if Harry wanted to maintain the respect people have for him, he shouldn’t follow Meghan’s lead every time she wants to do something. That’s where the structure comes in. He’s always lived his life via the use of organisation. His beloved wife is the polar opposite, if she wants something done, she can’t wait to get it. It has to be completed there and then.

Close Ties That Seem Very Far Away

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Growing up, Harry had a very close bond with his elder brother, William. When Meghan came along, the youngest of Diana’s sons took it as an insult when he was told to take it slow with the actress. This reportedly caused the feud that has been buzzing between the royal siblings since the wedding.

Meghan has managed to divide the brothers by dragging Harry to the other side of the world where she feels more comfortable. Despite what is said, it’s clear she is trying to separate her husband from his family and have him to herself.

Harry is a fool in love with a woman who has him wrapped around her little finger. Also, Paul Burrell who was once Diana’s butler claims the late princess would not have gotten along with her second daughter-in-law because of her own fierce personality. Here’s what he had to say:

I imagine it would have been two strong, independent women with different views on things – it would have been a battle between Meghan’s way and Diana’s way.

Paul Burrell

Needless to say, Burrell’s right. Meghan’s independence and strong morals aren’t exactly up there with Diana’s. First off, the princess would never take her boys away from their family. Sure, she divorced their father but she knew how important they were to the Queen’s reign.

Meghan, however, wants things done her way and doesn’t care who she has to hurt. This means she will do anything to get Harry to where she wants. If she wants to go back to America while he’s miserable, so be it.

No Such Thing As Instant Respect

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When Meghan joined the royal family for Christmas before she and Harry were married, we knew something was off. No royal newcomer has ever joined the family for Xmas before marrying into the Firm. So, what does that tell us about the divorced American actress?

Well, we know Harry is the Queen’s ‘favourite’ grandson. If he asks her for something, he’ll get it and having his soon-to-be wife at Sandringham, then he’ll get it. However, this doesn’t automatically mean the Duchess of Sussex had respect. She had to earn it and having her at such a private event would’ve told the Queen if she was suitable for her grandson or not. Apparently, she passed the test.

Meghan received quite the honour of being invited to such an event. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Jack, the husband of Princess Eugenie dated their royal significant others for years before they were given the chance to go to Sandringham.

Meghan thought she had the respect of the Queen while the other spouses had to earn their place. Sorry, love, but it doesn’t work that way. You being at Sandringham was a test on Her Majesty’s part.

Harry should’ve seen what was going on. Again, he was blinded by the love he had for his then-fiancée to realise respect needs to be earned and not instantly given. He should have known how a ticket to Christmas worked. It happened to his sister-in-law and cousin-in-law. Did he think because he is his grandmother’s favourite grandson that the rules didn’t apply to him?

Meghan has rubbed off on Harry in more ways than he realises. She thought she would get instant respect because of her ties to him and the royal family. Sorry, but you need to earn it.

Do We Believe Meghan Felt Like An Outsider?

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We can imagine what it might be like to live in the bubble that is the royal family. However, when you’re constantly in the spotlight, you need to develop a thick skin. Meghan genuinely believed that her situation wouldn’t change too much given her time in Hollywood. When you’re the wife of the second son of the most photographed woman in the world, things were bound to be different.

Harry would’ve warned her about what it was like to be a royal and while we respect him for that, he should have realised that she just wasn’t cut out to be a royal. Yes, he fell in love with her but was it because she reminded him of his mother? We won’t go over that now, but we’ll give a short answer and say perhaps.

That begs the question of whether we believe whether Meghan felt like an outsider.

Believe it or not, we do believe it. She was totally unprepared and she didn’t have the same amount of time Catherine had when she joined the family all those years ago. Meghan only had like 18 months while Kate had about 8 years of on-off preparation before she married William.

The royal family is not something a lot of people want to be a part of. Harry’s previous girlfriends Chelsy and Cressida knew basically straight away the Firm wasn’t their style.

Was There A ‘Conspiracy’ To Get Meghan Out Of The Family?

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In order to gain respect, you need to earn it. But was Meghan pushing too hard when she entered the family? If the rumours are to be believed and the Duchess of Sussex did swamp her staff with very early morning text messages than yeah, she was trying too hard.

The staff would’ve had respect for her if she had followed the rules. Also, Harry should have told her that his family is big on keeping to tradition. In an article published by 9Honey, the Duchess’ personality and demands didn’t go down well with the staff. According to what was written, the staff operates similarly to that Downton Abbey where there was a hierarchy and that lead to gossip about Meghan.

Not to mention, that Meghan’s concerns of a conspiracy against her mirrors that of Princess Diana. Just because she does things that the staff might not agree on, doesn’t mean they were plotting against her. It’s impossible for everyone to like you and it should be something Meghan learned a long time ago.

Sure, Catherine has garnered real respect over the years, but she worked hard to earn it. Also, she follows the rules and knows her place as the one day Queen/Princess consort, whatever comes first. Meghan, on the other hand expected the same treatment as her sister-in-law. Sorry, doesn’t work that way in the royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge will always be higher up on the royal food chain.

Our Thoughts

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Should we be wasting our energy talking about a man who our hearts once went out to? Probably not, but it is worth thinking about how his life would have turned out if he had actually heeded his grandfather and brother’s advice. To get respect, you need to earn it. Diana got it for simply standing out and away from the family but doing things the royals at the time wouldn’t have been caught dead doing.

Meghan wants to be a carbon copy of the mother-in-law she never got to meet though idolised growing up. Harry is not the kid anyone remembers now. He is a man who is responsible for his own choices. If it takes him a million years to realise his mistake in leaving the safety of the UK and that his precious wife wanted her old life back, so be it.

We will not sit around and go ‘we told you so’.

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