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Why Having Young Justice To DC Universe Is A Good Idea

Young Justice is perfect for DC Universe because it doesn’t limit censorship or themes.

DC Universe is the ideal platform for Young Justice Season 3. The streaming service doesn’t have the same restrictions free-to-air does. The hit animated is free to add themes and plot points they weren’t able to do before.

In all honesty, it’s a nice change. When the series aired on Cartoon Network, there was so much that would’ve been lovely to see. With the show streaming on DC Universe, we’re witnessing the full beauty of such a unique and beloved show.

The third season of the animated juggernaut takes full advantage of the platform change to display themes that couldn’t be explored previously. We’re going to be breaking down on some of these and what it means for the series.

Sexual References

Having sexual references in an animated series on free-to-air is unusual. However, having Young Justice on DC Universe allows the creators to push the adult narrative without censoring their content. When the show began, the audience wasn’t meant to be children. It was intended for teenagers between the ages of fifteen and eighteen and perhaps older.

The third Season has a load of read-between-the-lines moments for younger viewers. However, those who are older will know what they are. One example of this is when Black Lightning and Doctor Helga Jace engage in “Pillow Talk”.

Another is when M’gann lures fiancée Conner into the bathroom, though this one isn’t as subtle.

Themes and Language

Superhero mediums often get restricted regarding the themes and languages. With Young Justice moving to DC Universe, it gives the creators much more to play with regarding storylines. Ultimately, they can use more mature language and adult themes such as politics and human trafficking for a rounded story that doesn’t go in around in a circle.

As we’ve mentioned, Young Justice covers everything from human trafficking to assassination. Many of these topics viewers can openly relate to from an outsider’s perspective. The series sits within the realms of reality as much as it can without removing the fact that it’s a television show used for entertainment purposes.

As for explicit wording, you’re out of luck because there isn’t any. Though it’s implied by conversations that people want to say something, comes out as something else.

DC Universe And The Stance On Nudity

[Credit: DC Comics On Giphy]

DC Universe doesn’t seem to take its stance on nudity too seriously, which is perfect for Young Justice. As a cartoon intended for families and older audiences, the first two seasons weren’t allowed to show skin a lot. However, with the third season, there’s a shift in what’s shown. 

Many female characters wear short clothing, and minimal cleavage is visible at times.

We’re going to reuse an example we used earlier. One scene early on Season 3 is when M’gann seduces Conner into the bathroom. All you can see is her bare shoulder, but it gives us enough of a message to know what’s going to happen next.

However, the stance on skin exposure in the show before the move to DC Universe wasn’t taken seriously. Our example is the outfit Wonder Woman wears in Seasons One and Two, which is similar to Lynda Carter’s costume in the 70s Wonder Woman series. However, in Season Three, the outfit is upgraded to resemble Diana’s armour anytime the character is voiced by Rosario Dawson in other media.

Blood and Violence

DC Universe
[Credit: DC Comics on GIPHY]

Finally, we reach the end of this post with blood and violence. On a free-to-air network aimed at children, there appears to be a rule where you cannot show blood. Though, there has been incidences where the filmmakers are sneaky and include at least one drop. 

The Lion King from 1994 had one drop included when Scar throws Mufasa off the cliff. With DC Universe, the creators behind Young Justice can include blood and more violence. 

One example of this is when Ocean Master is beheaded. If Season Three had been placed on Cartoon Network, this scene wouldn’t have made it to air. Ultimately, this is comparable to the 2012 iteration of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Originally, there was meant to be a scene where we see Leonardo behead Shredder. However, due to it being on a children’s network, it was heavily censored.

The beheading of Shredder in the series was meant to be a nod to the TMNT comics where the same thing happens.

Because Young Justice is shown on DC Universe, Ocean Master’s beheading a much more discreet than expected. The angle of the shot is done in a way to show the mistake the former Aquaman’s brother makes in dealing with the enemy. It may have been done as a reference to the moment in the DC Animated Movie, Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox where Wonder Woman slaughters Queen Mera after the Atleanean monarch finds the Themysciran in bed with her husband.

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