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The Bold And The Beautiful: Whodunnit Mystery – Who Gets Murdered?


There hasn’t been a whodunnit on The Bold and the Beautiful in a while…

Nothing says The Bold and the Beautiful quite a long storyline and that’s what we’re expecting with the upcoming whodunnit. In upcoming episodes, a character will die. But it’s hard to pinpoint who it might be given the hints that have been given. Now, according to | SheKnows, the list of potential victims has been narrowed down to the following:

  • Flo Logan
  • Vinny Walker
  • Katie Logan
  • Thomas Forrester
  • Dr. Finn
  • Shauna Fulton

If we’re honest, we think it’s Vinny given everything that has happened with Steffy’s paternity drama. Also, he’s the only character not featured in the opening character montage. Also, it’s a whodunnit, so anything is possible.

One of the clues that is given is that after the murder, Hope is the one who has to identify the body. However, every character on the list of potential victims has someone else who could ID them. Let’s take a look.

Who Would Identify Each Of The Potential Victims?

So, with the whodunnit, each character has some tie to Hope. However, someone else would be the next of kin for whoever it is who dies.

The first person off the bat is Flo who recently became a Logan after her aunts asked her if she would like to change her name to that of her father’s. If she is the victim then she could be identified by her fiancée Wyatt, her mother Shauna or one of her aunts. Though, Hope is an option too because they’re cousins.

Second person on the list if Vinny who was recently arrested for swapping Steffy’s paternity results to make it look like Liam was the father. If anyone could identify him, it would be Thomas.

Person number three is Katie. If she is the victim of this murder than the person who would ID her would either be Bill or one of her sisters. Hope is a possibility too given that she’s Katie’s niece. Flo could too as she is in the same position as Hope.

Speaking of Thomas, if anyone had to identify him, it would be either his father, Ridge or sister Steffy. Though, it might be Hope as she is the adoptive mother of Douglas.

For person number five who would be Finn, the only person who would ID him is Steffy since she is his fiancée.

Finally, person number 6 is Shauna. The only person who would be allowed to identify her is her daughter, Flo.

Everyone Has Motive

Now, depending on the aspect of the spoiler clues and dialogue in the show during the last week, everyone has a reason to kill someone. Let’s look at what we have so far.

Hope still hates Flo for the role she played in Beth’s kidnapping and will likely never forgive her the way Brooke, Donna, and Katie have.

A number of people would want to do away with Vinny. Ridge would want him gone given the grief he put Steffy through in making her believe Liam was the father of her unborn child. Though, he, Finn, Steffy, Hope, Thomas and Brooke all have the same motive.

No one really hates Katie except maybe Quinn but she hates the Logans (sans Flo) but she doesn’t have a reason to kill any of them.

Moving onto Thomas, there’s enough clues to point to him being the victim given what we saw last week. Brooke, Liam, and Wyatt are concerned that Tommy could go after Hope since she is now separated from her husband. Also, the Forrester matriarch told her estranged son-in-law to do something to prevent her stepson from going after her daughter again.

Now, Finn is a bit like Katie. No one really has a reason to kill him.

Finally, we have Shauna. The only person who would want to kill her is Brooke given what happened between her and Ridge.

Who Can Be Ruled Out Of The Whodunnit Killer?

So, who can we eliminate from being the killer?

The obvious one is Steffy as she’s pregnant and doesn’t have a beef with any of the characters except Vinny but she has very little to do with him.

We can also rule out Brooke and Bill because the synopsis for the next episode mentions “a meeting between friends” ends in a nightmare. The only people who were seen visiting each other at the end of last week was the former super couple, Brill. Wait, it could also indicate Shauna and Quinn because they were talking in the last episode too. This would put Shauna in the safe zone.

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