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Who Will Make The Grand Final?: Dancing With The Stars – Week 9

It’s semi-final week on Dancing with the Stars and since no one went home due to Jimmy’s exit to care for his sick son. This week the four remaining celebrities and their partners push themselves harder than ever before to get a place in next week’s grand final.

Grant is back and our final four will dance two dances with the possibility of a dance off.

After weeks of rehearsal, our stars will stop at nothing to win so who will make the cut and who will be going home? Let’s find out!

1. Courtney and Joshua

Courtney and Josh’s dance is a recap of their Samba. Tristan paid Shane and Josh a visit and explained the errors of their previous attempt. Talk about seamless. Courtney and Josh really nailed it this time. Sharna said the dance delivered, but there was a few errors. Craig said agreed with Sharna but said there needed to be more hip dance. Tristan said the dance was softer and it was fantastic.

Courtney’s score is: 27

Courtney’s fusion is Foxtrot and Tango, however it’s not Courtney this time. It’s Shane on the floor instead. OMFG! He nailed it! Craig said it had a good flow and the frame was good, but said it was odd seeing a Foxtrot hold in the Tango. Tristan said there were small errors, but it was amazing nonetheless. Sharna said it was amazing to see two men dancing together.

Courtney/Shane’s score is: 29

2. Jett and Lily

Jett and Lily’s redemption dance is the Tango. Craig FaceTimed Jett and Lily and told them their tango was a total trainwreck and it needed great improvement. The new version was much better to watch and it looked tense. Craig said he loved the lift at the end. He said the moves were so much sharper than before. Tristan said it was sharper and cleaner and he was fantastic. Sharna said he upped it and could see it.

Jett’s score is:  23

Things look weird when you see Jett and Lily walk out in powered wigs. Hmm… Their fusion is Cha Cha and Jive. He looked like he had so much fun. Tristan said the dance threw him off for a moment but said Jett did a full 360 and said it looked natural. Sharna said they made it work when it was a meant to be really hard. Craig said it was odd because of the costuming but liked it.

Jett’s score is: 25

3. Constance and Gustavo

Con’s redemption dance is the Paso Doble. Sharna paid the duo a visit and told them they had to tackle the Paso Doble again. She said the Con’s biggest issue was the shaping. Constance’s dance has definitely improved. Tristan thought it was great and her confidence has grown since last time. Sharna said she was impressed. She said Connie owned the dance. Craig said the timing was out in place in a one section.

Constance’s score is: 22

Constance’s fusion is Quickstep and Cha Cha. Con’s dance is hot and fiery. She just hopes it doesn’t get her sent home. Sharna said they did a great job with opposite dances. She said there was a few errors. Craig said she used a lot of the floor and she had great hip action. Tristan said it was visually good looking. He said they had great fun doing it and that Con had great frame and the Cha Cha was the best part.

Constance’s score is: 23

4. Samuel and Jorja

Sam’s redemption dance is the Rumba. Sharna visited Sam and Jorja an told them their dance was the Rumba. Sam’s Rumba has difinitely improved and it shows in his movements. Sharna said he overcame the errors of the previous Ramba and that his leg movement was straight unlike last time. Craig said it looked unnatural, but it was improved and believeable. Tristan said there was a better representation of the dance in this new version of the dance.

Sam’s score is: 28

Sam’s fusion is Cha Cha and Tango. He dedicated the dance to his friend Claudia Karvan. Sam had the time of his life performing this dance. Craig said the Tango was clean and the Cha Cha was lumpy, but it was not the best. Tristan agreed with Craig and the timing was off slightly. Sharna said she agreed with the guys but said she was impressed of how he Jorja walked down the stairs in time and not looking at the floor.

Sam’s score is: 18

Who Got Eliminated?

The bottom two were Jett and Lily and Sam and Jorja and they entered the dance-off with Sam and Jorja coming out as victorious meaning Jett and Lily got eliminated.

Congratulations to Courtney, Constance, and Sam for making the grand final. To keep them in be sure to via TenPlay or SMS their name to 1995 1010.

Dancing with the Stars concludes next Monday at 7:30pm on Ten.

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