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Who Does Quinn Think She Is?! – A Bold And The Beautiful Opinion


Who does Quinn think she is? She’s always been jealous of Brooke’s position within the Forrester family as its matriarch.

At last! We have a break from the Hope-Liam-Steffy-Thomas-Zoe story! As Ridge and Brooke attempt to patch things up, everything goes out the window when the fashion designer tells his beloved Logan that he shared several smooches with Shauna, the woman who encouraged her daughter to lie about Baby Beth so she could remain within the Logan family. While she’s been patient, it’s her BFF Quinn, better known as Eric’s wife that’s a thorn in her side.

We haven’t seen Quinn go dark in a while, but that’s about to change as she and Brooke have just vowed war on each other! Though the one thing that pisses us off is the idea of her running claiming she’s the Forrester matriarch and all because she’s married to the patriarch.

Long Live Stephanie Forrester! The REAL Matriarch!

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Everyone knows that no one, not even Brooke can replace the OG Forrester Matriarch, Stephanie. She was a powerhouse in her day and while Quinn was right that she did try to get rid of the eldest Logan sister on countless occasions, they became close in Stephanie’s final years. She even died in Brooke’s arms.

Also, didn’t Stephanie’s portrait fall off the wall whenever some other woman cracked onto her man? After a quick Google search, someone said in a forum that the painting fell down when Quinn and Eric got together. It’s like a sign she would NOT have approved of the jewellery designer.

We know a lot of fans want Quinn and Shauna to come out on top and throw the current matriarch out, but consider this. What if some person tried to steal your partner? Yes, Brooke has stolen other women’s men, but she loves her family.

Brooke’s Crimes Compared To Quinn’s

Shauna; Quinn
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Quinn might have Eric fooled, but to Brooke she’s nothing but an interloper. She wormed her way into the wealthy lifestyle when she arrived in LA. She might be a good jewellery designer, but she loves rich men. Meanwhile, she hooked up with Bill years ago and conceived Wyatt. Years later, she married Deacon despite Hope’s objections via video chat. She later kidnapped Liam who had lost his memory and ‘fell in love with him’.

Let’s not forget she pushed Ivy off a bridge in Paris, made Hope miscarry her first grandchild, dreamt of killing Katie by hitting her over the head with candle holder. The list goes on. Oh and we almost forgot! She also tried to kill Deacon by pushing him off a cliff.

Brooke is a saint compared to her. Sure, she’s slept with numerous men and had several children with three different men. Four if you count Jack who was born from Brooke’s egg but Taylor carried him in her womb. Talk about an awkward situation.

Just note, we do NOT condone everything Brooke has done. We’re just making a comparison between her and Quinn. It’s like comparing Hope and Steffy if you think about it. We’re fully aware that these are fictional characters who are very different to the actors who play them.

Will Quinn Lose Eric?

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Eric has always loved and adored the Logan women, especially Brooke to whom he was married a few times. Now, he sees her as a dear friend and on-off daughter-in-law. However, Quinn has never been a fan of her or her sisters, though she was chummy with Katie when she [Quinn] arrived in town.

Brooke is the Forrester matriarch despite not being married to Eric anymore. It was a title that Stephanie bestowed upon her after they made up after so many years of being at each other’s throats. It’s clear that Taylor was never a contender as she was barely there.

So, with the war raging between Brooke and Quinn, will Quinn lose Eric? It’s hard to tell as it’s just getting started, but we know for a fact that the Forrester Patriarch is stuck in the middle of feud. While he loves Quinn, he also has a great admiration for Brooke and views her as one of his own. Neither woman will back down and we doubt Eric will be able to stop it.

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