Adrienne Banfield-Norris Addresses The Olivia Jade Red Table Talk Interview

white privilege

It’s one thing for an influencer to say they’re sorry for something they were involved in, but in the eyes of Adrienne Banfield-Norris, Olivia Jade is the epitome of white privilege…

Before Christmas, People published an article in the aftermath of YouTuber Olivia Jade’s appearance on the Red Table Talk. Prior to the interview, hosts Jada Pinkett-Smith, her daughter Willow Smith, and mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris gave their opinions on the influencer appearing on their show. There was one topic that was on the cusp of the discussion, Giannulli’s white privilege.

Banfield-Norris was openly against having Olivia Jade on the show given her white privilege and inability to learn from her mistakes. We addressed whether the influencer learned anything from the crime and the arrest of her parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli. The co-host of the RTT admitted on the podcast, Keep It that she found doing the interview with OJ to be ‘frustrating’.

We totally understand where she’s coming from. Since we watched the interview on the Red Table Talk the day it aired, we’ve had our own thoughts on the situation that we have not yet shared. If we’re honest, we don’t think Olivia Jade learned much from her family’s ordeal. They chose to put themselves in the firing line of bribing people to get her and her sister into USC.

Olivia lost a load of sponsorships because of her ties to the scandal. Did she deserve this? We think she did as it is not a good look for the companies she had been partnered with to be associated with someone who cheated their way into college.

Adrienne had every right to be annoyed at having a white privileged girl on the show. She even said on the Keep It podcast that she feels that OJ should’ve known better.

Olivia’s White Privilege is Nothing New

white privilege
[Credit: Entertainment Weekly]

Adrienne had a point when she said that Olivia should’ve had more aware of the situation and what was going on around her. Sure, in the RTT interview she claimed she was in her own ‘bubble’ but that is beside the point. Even rich people who are just as privileged as OJ know right from wrong. You don’t see George Clooney saying he doesn’t understand what privilege is. He knows it and does good.

Olivia, on the other hand, believed everyone gives money to colleges to get their kids into school. Another example of how she didn’t understand her privilege is her some of her videos had her not know what thrift stores were called.

Banfield-Norris made the point that she believes that Olivia Jade should expand on her views of the world outside of her white privilege bubble. Adrienne’s perspective on the situation is that there are bigger issues in the world than white people’s problems. She is hundred percent correct.

Now, before we continue. Yes, this blog is run by a white woman and we know privilege because of the colour of our skin. However, there is so much more at stake in the world. People are going hungry and are dying. Not to mention there is a worldwide pandemic that is has just morphed into a second variant of the virus.

There are people like Olivia Jade who simply don’t care about anything but their money and how famous they are. The reason people admire them is because of their wealth. Yes, their skin colour has a role in that too. A lot of companies are run by white people who discriminate against anyone who does not look like them. This is what Adrienne was trying to get across.

Olivia Will Be Fine

Role Model; guilty; privilege; white privilege
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When you’re born into privilege, you know you’ll be fine. It doesn’t matter if you, your friends and/or family were caught up in some huge scandal. We’ve also covered whether Olivia Jade’s career is going to survive. Before her YouTube career took off, OJ had money because she raised by filthy rich parents.

If she has decided to give up YouTube and just do Instagram, then she is still raking in thousands of dollars. Adrienne and Jada made the same comment during the Olivia Jade Red Table Talk interview. She has a foot in the door no matter what she does next after the scandal.

How much has she changed since the scandal dropped? It’s hard to say as she hasn’t gone public with any new endeavour outside of her adopting a dog which she revealed on Instagram.

[Credit: Instagram – @oliviajade]

Whether we believe she actually got to meet underprivileged kids like she said in her interview is debatable. Until we seen physical proof she has done exactly that, we’re just going to assume she wanted to get praise for doing a good thing.

Olivia Jade’s white privilege is enough to show us that she hasn’t changed enough to make a difference. She is still rich at the end of the day. Until there is evidence of her changing her tune on those who aren’t wealthy, we’re not going to believe it.

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