Batwoman: Season 2 Will Dive Into The “Where Is Kate?” Mystery

Where is Kate?

Season 2 of Batwoman already has so much going on, but one of the biggest mysteries will be “Where is Kate?”

DC Fandome is back and we’re learning bits and pieces about what is happening with Batwoman Season 2. The main mystery will be Where is Kate? and it’s going to be DRAMATIC. After a viewing of the panel, we thought we’d go into what will be coming next for the Batfamily without the OG Batwoman around.

We’re going to be using this post to go over theories of what we might see come Season 2.

[CAUTION: this post will contain potential spoilers for Season 1 of Batwoman]

How Kate’s Family And Friends Cope

The first point we have to go into with the whole “Where is Kate?” mystery is how her family and friends react to her disappearance.

According to the panel, each member of her family will react differently to what has happened.

While there were no specifics talked about, it can be assumed that everyone will have their own theory to the mystery. One example could be that Alice sent an assassin after her sister which prompted her to go on the run.

Another could be that Kate got caught in the crossfire of a fight and died which could be a theory held by Sophie. A third may entail that Bruce gets in contact with her in some way and she goes looking for him but loses contact with Luke and Mary for some reason.

The theories are basically endless as it could go any way. Point of the matter is everyone will have their own thoughts on Where is Kate?

Jacob And Mary

When it comes to Kate’s family, her dad Jacob and stepsister Mary will have their own thoughts on what is happening.

Jacob will likely feel another sense of loss as he has already lost Beth to evil and now he’s lost Kate to forces unknown. He’s already dealing with so much in regards to his family and to lose another child will probably weigh on him heavily.

Mary and Kate had only started to bond in Season 1 and now that tie between them is severed perhaps permanently. They had started to see each other as sisters in a way they hadn’t before. What will make this hard to swallow for the last of Jacob’s daughters is the sisterly relationship she and her stepsister had come to develop only for it to vanish.


It’s no secret that Luke has a hard time trusting anyone. As Camrus Johnson (Luke) pointed out in the panel, Lucius’ son had trouble bonding with Kate in the beginning. In the end, she became like a sister to him that he never knew he needed.

Having lost his dad to murder, the last thing Luke needed was to form a bond with anyone else. Now that Kate is missing, he may begin to question his place within the Bat team. His dad served under Bruce Wayne. Now that Kate is no longer in the picture, he might have thoughts of wanting to leave.

Mary may factor into his decision to stay active within the team alongside her and Ryan.

Sophie And Julia

Two of Kate’s past loves, Sophie and Julia will likely have their own theories into the “Where is Kate?” mystery.

They both go back a long way with Kate and having her suddenly disappear will hit them pretty hard. They will likely share their thoughts with Luke and Mary and probably Jacob too.


As the new Batwoman, the Batfamily will be dealing with Ryan a fair bit. Given how much she idolised Kate during her time as the Bat Lady, she may share her own thoughts on the mystery. She might even get involved with trying to solve the puzzle of the missing Kane.

Having been a fan of the original Batwoman, Ryan will want to honour her predecessor in whatever way she can. She might not have known Kate personally, but she will know how much she meant to Mary, Luke, and those around them.


The sole purpose of involving Alice in Season 1 was to flesh out the relationship and later rivalry between the Kane sisters. There is no doubt that she will be utterly pissed off at not getting to face her twin again. She might even have a theory of her own.

Alice might’ve even played a role in Kate’s disappearance. There’s so much room for interpretation.

Our Theory

There are so many moving parts that we cannot wait to see with the “Where is Kate?” storyline. As much as we’ll miss seeing Ruby on our screens every week, we cannot wait to meet Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder. From what we’ve read, she sounds like so much fun.

Now, what are our thoughts on the whole, “Where is Kate?” mystery? We personally think it could anywhere. It will all depend on whether Ruby would come back as a guest. We don’t know the exact circumstances into her departure. Frankly it is none of our concern. If she wanted to leave, it was up to her and the studio. The public shouldn’t need to know the inside details.

Story-wise it won’t matter how they do it. It is the writers room who decides what route is taken. We’re going to be happy no matter what. Okay, there will be some people who aren’t but you can’t please everyone.

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