When Social Climbers Gate Crash The Logies: Well, Freaking Done, Jessika, Martha, And Ines!


The Logies might be over for the year, but we’re still taking about it a week afterward and it all has to do with Married at First Sight social climbers, Jessika Power, Martha Kalifatidis and Ines Basic.

Another year’s Logie Awards have come and gone, but the headlines haven’t died down. Pedestrian TV reported on Wednesday that Ines Basic and Jessika Power, allegedly gatecrashed the Gold Coast based Logie awards. 

According to reports, this wasn’t the only thing these quote-unquote social climbers did. They picked a fight with fellow, yet former, MAFS bride Martha Kalifatidis.

Allegedly, Martha elbowed Sunrise co-host, David “Kochie” Koch on the red carpet. She did a video alongside her boyfriend, Michael Brunelli and claims this didn’t happen. Yeah… I don’t believe her and or Kochie. I hate people who take a stab at each other, just to get views. 

How does Martha have 284.3k followers on Instagram for going on a reality series that sees most couples break up before filming finishes? As for what this means for the Logies in the future, who knows? They’re predictable, just like the other award shows are. Just give the awards to the more ‘liked’ person or in the case of the MAFS drama, the most likely to do some dumb shit!

As for Ines and Jessika, they need to understand the reason why they were not invited to the awards show.  They were going to cause drama and that’s why they were left off the guest list to begin with… duh! They love the spotlight

How people can watch MAFS is beyond my comprehension. Shows like this ruin relationships and the counselors who ‘run the show’ don’t appear to know what they’re doing.

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