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When Dance Holds A Deeper Meaning – Dancing With The Stars Week 2

It’s the first week of eliminations on Dancing with the Stars Australia and the stars were ready to fight for their positions in the competition. This week they danced to songs that had meaning to them.  Behold, My Jam Monday!

Be sure to read through to the end to be see who got eliminated.

1. Courtney and Josh

Last week’s leaderboard leaders, Courtney and Josh are the first up and dancing the cha cha to the Spice Girl’s Wannabe. Unlike last week’s dance which was on point, Courtney’s dance was a little slow for a cha cha.

There wasn’t as much confidence in the routine though the concept was amazing.

Courtney’s score is:  21

2. Jett and Lily

Lifesaver Jett Kenny was criticised for not being sexy enough and stiff. However, their samba was a lot more better than last week’s performance. Craig said there was development in the hip department. 

Jett’s score is: 17

3. Denise and Jeremy

Denise’s dance this week is the Jive. Again, Crag hated it saying it was labored while Sharna and Tristan loved it.

Denise’s score is: 14

4. Curtly and Siobhan

Curtly’s score last week was only 10 and earned him a place at the bottom. His dance this week is Samba and his hip action is much better from last week. Tristan was impressed, but he felt Curtly’s knees weren’t great. Sharna was happy he danced to his height. Craig, however, said the performance was like watching a scene from Jurassic Park.

Curtly’s score is: 12

5. Miguel and Megan

Chef Miguel Maestre is loveable on and off the dance floor. His chosen song is The Greatest Show to the Tango. It’s a little odd to associate the song with that dance. The tango wasn’t really a tango but the performance was awesome to watch.

 Miguel’s score is: 13

6. Olympia and Jarryd

Actress Olympia Valance’s performance was amazing last week. This week’s dance is cha cha to First Kiss. Her leg work needed worked and the personality was spot-on.

Olympia’s score is: 17

Note: Olympia’s score is the same as last week

7. Jimmy and Alex

Kids Entertainer Jimmy Rees wowed the judges last week. His song is Don’t Stop Me Now to the Jive. Jimmy definitely embraced his inner Freddy Mercury with his routine as he got a standing ovation.

Jimmy’s score is: 21

8. Michelle and Aric

Michelle’s performance last week was found to be a little ‘wooden’. This week, her performance is the Jive to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. From this viewer’s perspective, it’s a little off in place but it was fun to watch all the same. Her footwork needed work.

Michelle’s score is: 18

9. Cassandra and Marco

Cass’s performace last week gained a load of media because of how she ranked. This week her dance is Quickstep to Kylie Minogue’s Dancing and it was better than last week’s dance. Craig was still critical, but he was nice towards the end.

Cass’s score is: 10

Note: Cass’s score is the same as last week

10. Constance and Gustavo

Blogger Constance Hall beat the bullies last week and now she’s dancing the Quickstep to Amy Winehouse to Valerie. Her footwork was impressive for a first timer in the dance.

Constance’s score is: 18

11. Samuel and Jorja

Actor Samuel Johnson was a surprise last week and his dance this week is cha cha.

Sam had the time of his life performing to the Bruno Mars song he chose. Craig didn’t like it but Tristan and Sharna loved it. No surprises there.

Sam’s score is: 20

Who Was Eliminated?

Now for the moment of truth. It’s time for someone to go home.

After a recap of the performances and the bottom two were announced as Cass and Marco and Miguel and Megan.

While the elimination is of the most dauntng part of DWTS, the process is often drawn out. However, this time it wasn’t drawn out. They got straight to the point.

The couple eliminated was Miguel and Megan.

Talk about a shock! Was not expecting that.

While we have to say goodbye to the Crazy Bull, the show must go on. Dancing with the Stars continues with week 3 at 7:30 next Monday on Channel 10.

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