When A Woman Only Cares For Herself: Meghan Doesn’t Care About Other People’s Cultures And Traditions

We didn’t think we’d be jumping back to the Sussex so soon after we completed our DC FanDome coverage, but here we are. So, we recently published a Chronicles of Harkle post on the political letter and the ethical banking situations. We’d thought we would go back to the letter at a later stage, but for now, we’re going to focus on a couple of others before we return to that one. Anyway, let’s get into the disrespectful behaviour Meghan Markle has exhibited towards the cultures and traditions of certain countries.

This has been nagging at us for a while, but we haven’t had a good excuse to go with it. After recent events with the Sussexes in New York, we thought that it was time to embrace this.

Inappropriate Outfit For A Mosque – Southern Africa

Religion is a sacred part of many cultures, so when you enter a place of worship, it’s best to not be disrespectful by following the guidelines. Meghan Markle, however, has no regard for anything but her own need for attention and the additional boost it gives to her already massive ego. So, when we see a photo as shown below, we can’t say she was “new” to being a royal.

[Credit: Vogue Arabia]

Furthermore, this photo was taken during the Sussexes’ tour of South Africa after the birth of Archie in 2019. Meghan and Harry were visiting a mosque where it was required that Markle wear the proper attire as a show of respect for the faith. However, she chose not to follow the rules and her head covering did not cover her head correctly. In the past, we have seen royal women like Catherine and Diana where some of their hair was showing.

What’s different about the situation is Catherine and Diana prepared ahead of time. They ensured that their head scarfs weren’t hastily done. The photos with Meghan shows that she applied hers at the last second. Moreover, it looks sloppy, especially as she had to pull tendrils of hair out to frame her face. Moreover, this is a faux pas. Furthermore, Markle made another error by wearing a dress with short sleeves. Here are two examples of it done right:

Additionally, with the Diana picture, you can’t tell that the dress has long sleeves. However, others show it as having sleeves. Also, the two photos above were taken in Pakistan rather than South Africa. Yes, it is a sign of respect. Yes, both Diana and Catherine have their hair showing, but it looks neat whereas Meghan’s does not.

Not Wanting To Honour Archie Or Wearing An Akubra Hat – Australia

Australia has always been dear to the royal family. Many royals have journeyed Down Under over the years for various events. Prince Charles went to school for a short time in his youth. However, for Meghan, the Tour of Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, and Fiji was just another chance to see the sights and not work.

Anyway, there have been numerous reports where Meghan, and by extension Harry, turned down gifts for whatever reason. Apparently, they declined to have a helicopter named after Archie, according to Maddison Leach of Nine Honey in 2019. Who does that? There was a Bilby named after Prince George that he got to meet when he was like a year old.

Another point we wanted to touch on was the rumour where Meghan refused to wear the Abkura hat she was given by then-Governor-General of Australia, Sir Peter Cosgrove. Her reasoning allegedly was because the hat was made from animal skin. However, she was wearing leather shoes. Is she that stupid? Leather comes from a cow, better known as an animal. So, it’s hypocrisy. Now, we don’t know whether that is true or not. It’s just something we’ve heard.

Blood Diamonds – America

What could be worse than wearing a blood diamond to a 9/11 memorial? Meghan loves the glam but doesn’t think about the backlash that comes with it. During her and Harry’s so-called “royal tour” to New York, Markle wore a pinky ring which was fashioned from a jewel, allegedly given to her by the Saudi Crown Prince, who was a person of interest in the assassination of a journalist. This was the same guy who sent the earrings she wore in Fiji. Again, tone-deaf.

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