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Home And Away: 4 Things We Know Is Happening In 2021!

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With the 2020 Home and Away Season finale just around the corner, we thought we’d what’s coming up listicle style!

2020 has been one hell of a year with raging bushfires, floods, and of course, the coronavirus pandemic. Every film and television production around the world was impacting, including our beloved Home and Away. We’ve covered much of the Australian soap this year and we’re about to jump into what’s coming in 2021.

We’ve been following spoilers for a while and thing we have enough information to cover what’s coming up. So, without introduction, here’s 4 things we know are happening during the 2021 season.

1. Ziggy And Tane Get Together

Tane Parata has always been a player in the time we’ve known him. However, he has a softer side that sees him become fiercely protective of his family, especially his nephew, Nikau and older brother (and polar opposite), Ari.

Ziggy Astoni has had a lot going on this year from her parents, Ben and Maggie leaving to officially divorcing Brody who has been off-screen for sometime after he was caught cheating on her. She even broke up with boyfriend Dean after discovering that he was involved in Colby’s killing of his stepfather (and Bella’s dad), Ross. She even had a paternity scare where she didn’t know if Ben was her dad or her uncle, Marco.

However, in recent episodes, she has become more acquainted with Tane and was even pulled into one of his schemes. So, it surprised us when it was revealed the two actually get together. We wonder where this takes the storyline.

2. Jasmine Gets A New Love Interest

Nurse and widow Jasmine Delaney has been run off her feet with storylines this year. First her husband dies, then she develops an obsession with her infant stepdaughter, Grace. So, what’s coming for her in 2021?

Well, she is set to gain a new love interest. This means she is finally ready to move on from Robbo. From what we know, her love interest will be played by Luke Arnold who many right remember for playing the late musician Michael Hutchence in the mini series, INXS: Never Tear Us Apart. We’re not what the character’s name is.

3. Nikau *Cheats* On Bella

Since he arrived in the Bay, Nikau Parata has had a few storylines of his own, including his whirlwind romance with Bella. However, things are looking to be a little more than tense come 2021. So, what’s coming for Nik and Bella?

Well, if set photos are any indication, it appears that Nik will cheat on Bella with a girl named Katherine. Now, we’re not entirely sure if this is the case as there’s not much information but that’s we’re assuming which is why we have title with *cheats*.

4. Tori And Christian’s Wedding

At some point soon, Christian will propose to Tori and she will say yes, naturally. However, we haven’t seen anything about a wedding. With the end of the 2020 season so close, we haven’t seen anything that says the two doctors will actually say, ‘I do’ this year.

We know they’ve come to form a family unit with Baby Grace, but whether a wedding will actually happen, is anyone’s guess at this point. Can’t have a season of Home and Away without at least one wedding, right?

Confirmed But Unclear When

Now, the points we’re about to address here have been confirmed for awhile, but it’s unclear when the scenes are due to air, whether it be in 2020 or 2021.

  • John’s new romance – It’s been teased that MacLeod’s Daughters star Bridie Carter would be joining Home and Away as a real estate agent named Susie. Now, we’re not sure when this will start. The storyline has only just started with the John Palmer having just entered the realm of online dating thanks to Alf’s grandson, Ryder. It’s possible it will stretch into next year.
  • Heath Braxton’s comeback – Set photos from a while revealed that River Boy, Heath Braxton would be returning. Again, it’s unclear when his appearance will be. We theorised that he could be involved in a prison break which sees Colby get killed.

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