What Is The Truth Surrounding Prince Harry And Meghan’s Pregnancy Announcement At Princess Eugenie’s Wedding?

pregnancy announcement

A new tell-all book has allegedly gotten the scoop of what went down on Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding in October 2018 when it was revealed that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex was pregnant.

A few weeks ago we bought up the rumour that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and husband Prince Harry did not make their pregnancy announcement at Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

However, a new book called Royals at War which is written by investigative journalists Dylan Howard and Andy Tillett claims that Meghan did tell people she was pregnant at her husband’s cousin’s nuptials. Princess Eugenie and her mother, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York were reportedly left furious by this while Harry was ’embarrassed’. Ahh… why didn’t he try to stop her from ruining Eugenie’s big day? He should’ve tried harder to prevent her from making the whole soirée about her.

If these claims are true, then it contradicts what the Harper’s Bazaar article has said. It mentioned that various members of the royal family knew prior to the wedding. Two of those people were apparently Eugenie and Jack.

Which Is Right?

pregnancy announcement
[Credit: Time Magazine]

It doesn’t really matter which of the sources is correct. What does matter is how Meghan would’ve taken the opportunity to make the day all about her, rather than Eugenie. Her pregnancy announcement could’ve waited a few more days until the excitement of the wedding died down.

Any opportunity to outshine someone else within the royal family and Meghan takes it. She then has the audacity to claim that she felt ‘unprotected’ by The Firm during her pregnancy with Archie. What did she expect? The palace knew what kind of person she was and they proceeded with caution.

Whatever the right story is, it still does not paint a positive picture of Meghan.

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