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The Bold And The Beautiful: Sally And What Happens Next

what happens next

What happens next with Sally when The Bold and the Beautiful returns with new episodes? We go over a few possibilities.

The world is a strange place at the moment. With a lot of film and television production still shut down in most places, it’s hard to determine when things will go back to normal. However, we need to wonder what happens next with Sally Spectra and her plot to win back Wyatt from her nemesis Flo Fulton.

The Rough End Of The Stick

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Sally has always had the rough end of the stick when it comes to men. Her romance with Thomas failed because he wanted to do the right thing for Caroline and their son, Douglas and he ended up residing in New York. Then, she had a massive crush on Liam and kissed him when they thought they were going to die.

Then came Wyatt who pulled her out of a dark time in her life. They formed a romance and they broke up… twice. This destroyed Sally and she sought revenge as she hated coming second-best. Her method? Fake that she’s dying.

Sally And Penny: Masterminds Or Desperate?

what happens next
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The Spectra ladies are no strangers to being masterminds. The OG Sally had a massive rivalry with Stephanie that jumped over to Steffy and younger Sally who also used her own little sister to steal Forrester Creations designs. This also stems back the great-aunt and the matriarch of the biggest fashion empire in Los Angeles.

Penny Escobar is a doctor at the local hospital and diagnosed Sally with a ‘terminal’ illness. However, it turns out that the sickness was only stress. It’s what happened next that makes the crime of love so sickening. Also, the doc never wanted to enter the medical profession to begin with. She wanted to enter fashion.

It continued so the young Spectra could get ‘her man’ back from her rival and the woman who ‘stole’ him from her. Not to mention, she lied to Ridge and Steffy about her illness so she could get her designs in the Forrester Couture Line and she used Katie to do it.

By doing this, Sally is getting everything she wants but she is going about it the wrong the way. If she wants respect and the man, she needs to earn it. Not blackmail and play on other people’s good graces.

As for Penny, she needs to pick better friends. If she wants to work in fashion, she needs to go about it her own way and not listen to Sally. She also needs to stand up to her parents who made her become a doctor.

What Happens Next With Wyatt?

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So, what happens next with Sally’s relationship with Wyatt when the show comes back? If we think back to what happened before the show’s production shut down, it wasn’t anything good.

We saw Penny act on impulse and hit Flo over the head with a candleholder and then she and Sally proceeded to argue about what they’re meant to do next. They then tried to move the woman they knocked out only for Wyatt to come home.

We saw the middle Spencer brother react, but we don’t see what he saw. That was where it ended. So, what happens next?

Well, anything’s bound to happen. Depending on what Wyatt saw, we would have to think he saw Sally and Penny dragging Flo’s unconscious body out of the room. However, it might be something else, like the mess of the living room.

Wyatt’s Reaction

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Wyatt has always had a good heart, but like big brother Liam, he’s a waffler. He doesn’t like to hurt other people’s feelings which is huge of him given whose son he is *cough* Quinn *cough*.

If we had we had to guess, it would break his heart to see that the woman he once loved has used deceit to get what she wants. It would also make her no better than his mother who is currently scheming to keep Ridge and Brooke apart so Shauna can have the fashion designer.

Flo is the one Wyatt wants to be with. If you want to think about it in a more complex way, she is basically the Steffy while Sally is Hope. However, there are no children involved or at least, not yet. The whole reason Liam still has contact with his ex-wife is because of their daughter. His brother, however, doesn’t have that issue.

We need to question what the middle of Bill’s sons is seeing if its not Penny and Sally dragging Flo out of the room. As we stated before, it might be how messy the living room of his house is and he’ll probably ask how it got that way.

Though, we need to ask what his reaction to Sally might be if he saw that she was walking just fine. He might question how it’s possible that she’s not using the stupid walking frame. Knowing her like we – the audience – does, she could say that Penny had just given her good news and whatever. That way she doesn’t need to keep up the act.

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