What An Ending! Trigon Plays With Dick’s Mind In Titans Season Finale

[Please be advised this post contains spoilers for Titans Season 1 Episode 11: Dick Grayson]

The Season 1 finale of DC Universe’s Titans ended with mind games galore as Trigon (Seamus Dever) played with Dick Grayson’s (Brenton Thwaites) mind.

Continuing from last week’s episode, the situation with Rachel (Teagan Croft) and her parents has Dick in some kind of daze he doesn’t realise he’s in. In this new reality, he’s married to Dawn (Minka Kelly) and they have a son, John with a second child on the way. Gar (Ryan Potter) and Rachel are now college students and surrogate siblings to young John. When Jason (Curran Walters) arrives at the Grayson house in a wheelchair, things go from bad to worse. He tells his adoptive brother he was paralysed by The Riddler who now shoots people.

Jason reveals Bruce has gone psycho. Commissioner Gordon has been murdered. Commissioner Gordon’s daughter, Barbara is missing. Even Alfred is dead. Something in Bruce has snapped, and he’s going on a murder spree.

Dick is reluctant to leave his family, but Dawn convinces him to help his adoptive father. Arriving in Gotham, Dick stumbles across a murder scene where Joker is laying face down on a car. A detective (really Trigon) approaches Dick asking why he’s at his crime scene. Grayson explains he’s a detective with the LAPD. They conclude Batman is responsible. When Joker’s body suddenly moves, Dick heads to Wayne Mayor for answers.

When the Bat won’t come quietly

Dick tries to coax Bruce out of hiding but is unsuccessful. He then heads to the hospital to see the Joker. It’s here he runs into Kory, who is now a Federal Agent. Alarms sound and Dick hurries to the Joker’s room where he finds the villain with a Batarang protruding from his chest. Batman looms over him before disappearing into the night.

The next morning, Dick rings home and tells Dawn Bruce killed Joker to spite him. He then hears Hank’s voice on the other end. Pissed, he takes his anger out on his wife. Dawn pulls him up on it saying Hank offered to help paint the nursery and she took it. She also tells him she’s covered in paint and has been up half the night caring for John who has a fever. Kory rings him and says he needs to get to Arkham Asylum ASAP.


At Arkham, Dick finds the FBI there, the place in a state of chaos. Inmates lay slain in their cells and staff are dead or injured. Batman has struck again and has officially become unhinged. Kory explains Bruce didn’t stop at Joker or the other inmates. She explains the warden was found inside his office so badly disfigured, his family didn’t recognise him. Kory says Bruce needs to be stopped.

With no other options, Dick rats Bruce out to the police. The former Robin asks if he can lead the operation to bring Bruce down. The FBI and the Police go in after Batman, searching Wayne Manor. Dick gets patched into the comm system and tries to get Bruce to come out peacefully. Batman fights back and sets off explosives and kills men.

Bruce comes up against Kory who attempts to use her powers on him but gets killed. After seeing Kory cut down, Dick has no choices left and decides to take matters into his own hands. Finding Bruce under rubble, Dick gives him a talking to before he steps so hard on his former mentor’s throat that he kills him.

After he kills Bruce, the reality around Dick changes back to the present and he has the same hollow look in his eyes Rachel does when the darkness takes over. Rachel attempts to snap him out of it. Trigon tells his daughter Dick chose to embrace the darkness within himself

Episode Takeaways

So, what do we learn, despite the episode being a massive manipulation by Trigon?

  • Barbara and Jim Gordon exist in Gotham.
  • Villains The Joker, Riddler, and others exist with most of them locked up in Arkham Asylum.
  • Barbara is either Batgirl or Oracle.
  • Superman exists in the series.
  • According to the post-credit scene, Superboy and Krypto are coming in Season 2.
  • Superman, Barbara, and Alfred believed Dick was the true Robin. Jason agreed with them. This only occurs in the fake reality.
  • Batman doesn’t talk, except for the spluttering before he dies.
  • Dick and Hank still have animosity towards each other.
  • Dick is still in love with Dawn.


  • Jason suffers the same fate Barbara does in the comics, but his assailant is Riddler instead of Joker. This only occurs in the fake reality
  • In the fake reality, Dick and Dawn’s son’s name is John. He was named after Dick’s late father.

Titans returns to DC Universe sometime in 2019.

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