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Wendy Williams Reveals That Meghan Wanted To Work On Her Show Before She Got Engaged To Harry


Gotta love Wendy Williams…

You have to hand it to Wendy Williams. She’s hilarious! While we’ve never watched her talk show, we saw a clip talking about Meghan Markle and we just had to share. Markle News on Instagram posted this amazingly funny video of the talk show host talking about how the now-disgraced royal wanting to work on her show as a runway model and ‘fashion expert’.

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Now, it’s unclear when this actually happened as we don’t follow Wendy or her show. It’s obvious – to us, at least – that Williams makes her view on Meghan really clear in this video. Moreover, she says that before Harry, no one knew who Markle even was because very few people watched Suits. She makes the point that Meghan should know the paparazzi are everywhere and that she’s a target because she is a royal. Therefore, she’s right. Also, she loves attention. she just won’t openly admit it.

What surprised us was this commentary was coming from a high-ranking woman of colour who you would think would be siding with Meghan. This doesn’t appear to be the case. That’s what we’re getting from the video. Even Suzanne, one of the producers, the one who was telling most of the story was like ‘who is this chick?’. They then go on to explain that before the bookers could even book Meghan to be on the show after she had spoken with them, she was engaged to Harry and as they say, the rest is history.

Now, this sounds like something else happened too. Meghan didn’t expect Harry to propose (we know she did expect it but she needed a backup plan) and that she knew she was being written out of Suits. Essentially she needed a gig if her plan to get that title didn’t work out.

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