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Home And Away: Colby And Irene Fill Wendy And Ian In On Jasmine’s Obsession With Grace

Wendy and Ian learn from Colby and Irene what has been going on with Jasmine and they agree that something has to be done…

Wendy and Ian Shaw have been given the downlow on everything that has been going on with daughter-in-law, Jasmine. While we theorised there would be more drama, there actually wasn’t, which surprised us. They agreed with Colby and Irene that she needs serious help with her mental health.

Jasmine is far from happy that her ‘so-called’ friends have arrived to ‘invade her privacy’. Her paranoia sets in when she thinks Wendy and Ian are being pulled over on Tori’s side. The couple say that while they love her like their own, she can’t stay with them while there’s an AVO out on her.

Ian says it would break their hearts if they can’t see Grace. He’s 1000% correct. It’s no secret he and Wendy adore their daughter-in-law, but her mental health and Grace’s safety comes first. Wendy even mentions they know Jasmine would never harm their granddaughter, but she needs to fix her issues.

They tell her that she needs to go back to the Bay and fix her issues otherwise they can’t see her and Grace at the same time with the AVO in place. Jasmine realises that they, Irene, and Colby are correct and decides to return home.

Our Thoughts

There was a point where we thought she would do a runner when the Summer Bay sign came into view. This honestly had our hearts on our throats. We love that Wendy and Ian didn’t side with Jasmine. They were smart enough to know something had to be done in order to protect their son’s legacy.

The last thing we wanted was the storyline to end up like The Bold and the Beautiful where plotlines go in circles. Home and Away is thankfully one of those soap operas that keeps its storylines to a few weeks but doesn’t make the same one the focus every episode.

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