Welcome To The Sussexes’ PR Hierarchy


Prince Harry and Meghan’s PR team runs on a massive Hierarchy…

We know we said that we were going to take a break reporting on Harry and Meghan but we felt this couldn’t be ignored. We noticed something off about an article in the Express about the new Netflix project Meghan has in the pipeline. The article lists Peter Ford, a journalist in Australia as a royal expert. Here’s the thing. Peter Ford is an Entertainment Reporter. We know this because we follow him on Twitter and we’re Australian. Sometime after this, we got a DM from our LA-based source with a link to an article by Page Six. The article has new details about how Meghan had been looking at a Netflix deal prior to Megxit. The conversation we had with our source had turned to the Sussexes’ PR train.

Our LA-based source – who wishes not to be named – told us that Harry and Meghan have friends at People magazine. Therefore, our contact doesn’t trust anything that comes from the publication. We were also informed that the PR has a rather hierarchy. If the Sussexes want something snarky leaked, they contact their mouthpiece Omid Scobie. We’ve spoken about him a few times. More recently, in our piece about how he was a nobody prior to Meghan’s arrival on the royal scene.

Going back to our LA-based source, they told us that if the Sussexes want positive PR printed, they go to People magazine. This stems back to the five friends who spoke to the publication about the letter Meghan wrote to her dad that she then sued the Mail on Sunday over.

Wait… There’s More

Let’s not forget all the stuff that Sunshine Sachs has a hand in. Look at the Vax Live concert as an example. They had all democratic voting celebrities and then they had Harry go up on stage and had it claimed he’d gotten a standing ovation when everyone was already standing up. It was also allegedly the crowd was told to cheer for him.

Also, there are so many publications out there that are pro-Sussex. Cosmopolitan, the Express (at times), Harper’s Bazaar, are just some of these. We know we shouldn’t be naming and shaming publications because it puts us in the firing line but it needs to be said. What they publish, isn’t journalism, it’s providing people who don’t deserve it the chance to spread more hate on the world.

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